12 best clothing brands for larger and taller men (2023)

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The average British man stands at around 5ft 10in, and weighs around 12-and-a-half stone. And if you ask someone who goes far over those measurements, they’ll probably tell you that the fashion world is hardly forgiving.

But there’s no need for righteous indignation; the market is changing. A number of high street brands have recently launched ranges to suit people with wider, longer frames, while there are an ever-increasing number of brands which cater specifically for them. After all, the human race has been getting steadily taller and larger for the past century, so we may as well look good while we’re at it.

The most important thing is to know your measurements. Of course, you can never beat going into a shop and trying on something first, but if you’re buying online, have a tape measure handy. Different brands have different ways of denoting their sizes, which can be somewhat confusing at first, but each of the ones we’ve featured have useful online size guides. And of course, we all have different body shapes and sizes, so not every brand's sizing will fit every guy.


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We’ve included a mix of brands, some catering for purely tall, slim guys, while others cover both tall and large. And for each entry, we’ve picked out one of our favourite products, to give you an idea of what to expect. We've mainly gone for brands with impressive own ranges, but many of the websites we've listed also carry clothes from other companies – be sure to check those out too.

So whether you’re in the market for a new suit that nails the required length without hanging like a cape, or simply a T-shirt which provides comfort and coverage in all the right places, this list will have you covered.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent.

Here’s a collection which caters for that awkward middle ground between tall and really tall – specifically, between 6ft 3in and 6ft 6in. It comes courtesy of the designer clothing brand Ted Baker, and was designed with the help of former World Champion swimmer Mark Foster (6ft 6in, if you were wondering). Its suit jackets and shirts offer longer torsos and sleeve lengths, while the rest of the collection – including tops, T-shirts, bottoms, jackets, knitwear and footwear – is casual erring on the side of smart. When it comes to sizing, the main thing to get to grips with is the numbering system for tops, which runs from 4 to 7. If you would usually opt for a large, you’re a 4; if it’s usually a XL, you’re a 5, and so on.

IndyBest pick

T for Tall Monictt Diamond Print Cotton Shirt: £99

We’re big fans of this shirt – a bridge between the casual and smarter sides of the collection. The torso is long enough to either be tucked into trousers if you’re wearing with a blazer, and it works equally well untucked. The sleeves don’t give up the ghost around the forearm, either, which is a blessing – no more perennially rolled-up sleeves. Comes in a soft cotton fabric with a just-about-subtle-enough diamond print.

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As you might guess from the name, this brand is purely for tall men – specifically, tall, slim men, with an average customer height of 6ft 8in, and range of tops and bottoms which should fit men up to 7ft 4in. What’s more, the brand is run by tall, slim men, so it knows the struggle that comes with elongated limbs. Its website sells a number of other brands – Eterna, Juicy, Mish Mash and Girav to name a few – each of which has been chosen by 2Tall for their tall-man-suitability. Its own brand pieces, which are characterised by a laid-back simplicity, cover tops and bottoms, while other brands offer suits and footwear.

IndyBest pick

2T Tall T-shirt: £15

A plain T-shirt isn’t going to revolutionise your wardrobe, but as you’ll know as your life as a lofty fella, a plain T-shirt that actually fits is hard to seek out. But now you’ve found one. 2Tall promises that these T-shirts are three inches taller than those offered by normal retailers, and that makes all the difference. The short sleeves are pleasingly long, too. Made entirely from a soft cotton fabric, it goes up to size 2XLT, and is available in nine colours.

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The high-street giant Asos has good form when it comes to inclusive clothing, with its Curve range for women, as well as an impressive selection of petite clothing. In February, it launched two distinct ranges for men: Plus and Tall. In terms of style, both are what you’d expect from Asos, offering on-trend, millennial-pleasing pieces, covering just about every item of clothing you’ll need. Sizes go up to 8XL on the Plus side of things, while Tall is aimed at guys who top the 6ft 3in mark, with leg lengths extending to 38in. Alongside the ever-growing own-brand selection, you’ll find pieces from brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Cheap Monday, Puma and French Connection.

IndyBest pick

Asos Tall Bomber Jacket in Blue: £30

Bomber jackets are set to resume their near-omnipresence when the autumn months arrive, but for a tall guy, they’re often a no-go – that purposefully short torso length that the style demands is in danger of becoming comical. But this one offers enough extra length for it to work. It’s made from 100 per cent cotton, and is light enough to layer up. Available up to 2XL Long.

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Jacamo is probably the best known “big and tall” brand out there. It has a huge selection, including smart and casual clothing, footwear, sportswear and accessories. It’s a mixture of own-brand, flagship collaborations with celebrities such as former cricketer Freddie Flintoff, and other well-known brands, such as Nike, Ellesse and Helly Hansen. Shirts and tops go up to 6XL, with regular and long fits, while trousers are available up to a waist size of 64in (although, as things stand, they only extend to an inside leg of 33in. Jeans, meanwhile, extend to 36in). And, to correct a popular misconception, Jacamo’s sizes go all the way down to a small. It’s also part of the Ethical Trading Initiative.

IndyBest pick

Black Label Belted Smart Stretch Chino Regular: £30

A pair of chinos that can see you through a day in the office to an evening at the local is wardrobe staple. And that’s why we chose this comfortable, laid-back pair, which goes up to a 54in waist, with a regular leg length. It comes courtesy of Jacamo’s own brand, Black Label.

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As a brand, Levi’s needs no introduction, but you may not be aware that it has a range of its iconic jeans sized specifically for taller, larger men. The waist sizes start at 32in and go up to 50in, while the inside leg goes from 30in to 38in. It offers four general styles – Original, Straight, Athletic and Shrink to Fit – with each available in a number of colours.

IndyBest pick

Levi’s 541 Athletic Fit Stretch Jeans (Big & Tall): £90

We chose these jeans for their relaxed fit – a plus for us as we don’t want our already lengthy limbs to be accentuated by jeans which cling to the legs too tightly. As you’d expect from a pair of Levi’s, they’re incredibly comfortable and feel superbly made, as if they’ll last for years to come. We tried on a pair with a 38in inside leg, and found they had ample length to be rolled up slightly, if that’s the look you’re after. Available in light blue, dark blue or black denim.

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Skopes is one of the most widely stocked suit brands in UK department stores, and provides a brilliant, extensive range of big and tall suits. For jackets, its chest sizes go up to 62 inches, while trouser waists extend to 52 inches – as a result, we think Skopes is best suited to men after bigger suits rather than longer, as the inside leg lengths only go up to 33in. Whether it’s for regular office use, a wedding, a black tie event, or anything else that requires you to suit up, Skopes has it covered. Expect reasonable prices and excellent quality.

IndyBest pick

Darwin Suit Jacket Black Stripe: £219.95 for matching jacket, waistcoat and trousers

We think this is one of the most accommodating suits sold by Skopes, coming in the roomy, but still well-fitting “Classic” cut. The jacket and waistcoat go up to 62in, while the trousers are available up to 46in. Made from a mix of wool-rich cloth, polyester and lyrca, we found it a comfortable wear – and although we couldn’t test it’s durability over months, Skopes assures us that the suit has been designed for regular use.

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Here’s another of the main high street retailers to have expanded into the big and tall market – or, as Next calls it, Longer and Larger. It covers all the areas of Next’s standard range, with suits (up to 52in chest, 46in waist), formal shirts (21in with regular and long sleeve lengths), and formal trousers (46in waist, 37in leg). There’s also an extensive casual range, with shirts and tops that go up to 4XL and, as we found, are better for the man who needs something both longer and larger. Casual trousers and jeans extend to 44in waist and 35in inside leg, while footwear goes up to a size 15.

IndyBest pick

Navy/Red Block Panel T-shirt: £18

While we are fans of Next’s formal range, we’ve gone for something much more casual. This comfortable, 100 per cent cotton shirt features a three blocks of navy, red and white, and is available up to 4XL. It’s keenly priced, too, costing you less than 20 quid for a well-made T-shirt that should see you through a fair few seasons.

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River Island launched its online-only Big & Tall range back in February, offering size adjustments on some of its best-selling menswear pieces. It offers sizes up to 4XL – so, again, it’s for the man who needs both big and tall – with trousers up to a 48in waist and 38in inside leg, the latter setting it above a few of its high-street competitors. Currently, there are around 150 items in the range, range from bold, eye-catching prints to the more reserved shirts and trousers.

IndyBest pick

Big and Tall Pink Floral Short Sleeve Shirt: £25

It seems like that trend for floral shirts is going nowhere, and you can get yourself involved with this eye-catching number. The shirt sits comfortably and loosely when worn, which is what you need during the warmer months – or, it means you can layer it up without too much of a problem. The sleeve lengths are pleasingly long, too, which adds to the generally flattering fit. Available up to size 4XL.

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This is one of the very newest big and tall clothing ranges out there, having only launched back in April of this year. Around a third of M&S’s total menswear range is available in big and tall sizes, and this proportion is set to increase in the coming months. So the clothing on offer is what you already know from the retailer: smart and sophisticated. It’s ever-popular suits extend to a chest size of 54in and extra-long lengths, while the suit trousers boast a 37in inside leg. On the casual side of things, tops go up to 4XL, and the jeans and chinos go up to 35in inside leg.

IndyBest pick

Big & Tall Chinos with Stormwear: £29.50

For the more substantial bloke, chinos can be a mixed bag. Some can be comfortable and versatile, others can be too tight-fitting and restrictive. But we’re fans on this pair, which has a fairly stretchy waistband, meaning that even if the measurements are an inch or two off, you’ll still be comfortable. The fit is relaxed, too. Made using sustainable cotton, it also boasts water-repellent Stormwear techonology, which means you won’t get quite as soaked if you’re caught out when the heavens open. Available in seven muted tones.

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This brand has been in existence for over a century now, and specialises in quality American-made clothing. It’s range is huge, covering most of the clothing and accessories spectrum, but it excels when it comes to the smarter side of things. Rather than create an entirely separate range for its big and tall clothing, Nordstrom has modified the lengths and fits of existing pieces to cater for larger measurements. Just how large those measurements go, as well as whether they’re available in both big and tall sizes, varies quite a bit from item to item, but the selection is certainly plentiful. Expect exceptionally well-made, durable pieces, both from Nordstrom’s own range and from the huge number of other brands it sells, most of which are in a similar mould to Nordstrom.

IndyBest pick

Nordstrom Smartcare Classic Fit Plaid Dress Shirt: £55.98

If you work in an office with a strict, smart dress code, this might be just about as flamboyant as you’re allowed to get, with its red, chequered design. We chose it because it’s available in both big and tall sizes, with sleeve lengths of 37in for tall and big, and neck sizes of 18.5 just for big. It’s in the so-called “classic” fit, which, as Nordstrom puts it, is “the most generous cut” on offer. If you’re after something slimmer, there are tighter fits available. Also available in purple and blue colourways.

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Here’s another brand with over a hundred years of experience in menswear. Burton is best known for its suits, and a decent number of those are available in big and tall sizes, with jackets going up to 52 long, and trousers offered with a 35in inside leg and waists up to 52in. If you’re after something more casual, then Burton has you covered too, with a sharp-looking collection ranging from oxford shirts to bomber jackets, going up to a 5XL.

IndyBest pick

3 Piece Navy Pin Dot Tailored Fit Suit: £134

Despite being a tailored fit, this suit manages to stay comfortable, supportive and flattering at the larger sizes. The pin-dot design is barely discernible from afar, but it adds an interesting dimension to the style. It feels durable and should last for some time to come – which is doubly impressive when you consider the affordable price point.

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Department store Debenhams carries a number of other brands with extended sizes – Ben Sherman, Centaur and Red Herring among them – but we’ve focused on its own brand, The Collection, which dominates the Big & Tall section. It’s a largely formal selection, with a range of solidly made shirts, trousers, accessories and outerwear. It’s shirts, of which there are over 150, will fit chests sized up to 64in, and the sleeves have a few inches added on compared to the standard sizing. The trousers, meanwhile, offer waists up to 48in and inside legs up to 35in.

IndyBest pick

The Collection Big and Tall White Striped Regular Fit Shirt: £28

You can’t beat a bit of simplicity done well, and that’s exactly what we have here. Available in a big range of colours and designs, this shirt fits comfortably, is breathable and will serve you well as an office staple. It works best as part of a suit, or layered beneath a smart jumper for a smart-casual look during winter. The shirt-sleeves were well proportioned, too, which is always a plus.

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The Verdict: Best clothing brands for big and tall men

Which brand is best for you of course depends on your size and shape, but we are big fans of Asos's newly launched ranges, which we think will cater for a wide cross-section of men. For tall, slim guys, we'd recommend 2Tall.

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