Coconut Cruiser - 4 Islands (2023)

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Based entirely in the Yasawa Islands, this package will ensure you see the best of this stunning Fiji region. You’ll travel from one island in paradise to the next. What a holiday!

This package is not organised group travel: we do not take you on a ‘tour’. Booking a package simply means that you can book your accommodation, transfers and activities in one easy itinerary - and don’t forget we have created these packages with what we consider to be the ‘Yasawa must-dos’, meaning you will see the best of Fiji's islands.

If you’re into activities such as diving, Fijian cooking, snorkelling and hiking, this is for you. That way there are no hassles when you get to Fiji since all your activities are already planned and paid for!


Coconut Cruiser - 4 Islands

Days 1 & 2

Depart Port Denarau and head north on board the Yasawa Flyer and cruise to the Blue Lagoon region. Choose between guided snorkelling, sunset tubing or a handline fishing trip today.

On day 2, visit the stunning Sawa-I-Lau Caves.

Blue Lagoon Beach Resort - Dorm (8 bed unisex, shared facilities, aircon),Garden Villa (private ensuite, fan)
Oarsmans Bay Lodge - Standard Dorm (8 bed unisex, shared, aircon),Beachfront Bure (private ensuite, aircon)
Coconut Beach Resort - Garden Villa (private ensuite, fan)

Days 3 & 4

Another morning in paradise, then transfer to the central Yasawa Islands early afternoon. Watch the sun set this evening with a cold drink in hand on the Sunset Tube Cruise. On day 4 (from May to Oct) swim with manta rays or head out on a guided snorkelling trip.

Mantaray Island Resort - Paradise Dorm (32 Bed unisex, shared, aircon),Seaside Bure (private ensuite, fan)
Barefoot Manta Island Resort - Vai Beach Dorm (7 bed unisex, shared, Island Bure (private ensuite, fan)

Day 5

After a relaxed morning, jump on board the Yasawa Flyer mid-afternoon and head to the southernmost island in the Yasawa Islands. Spend the rest of the day exploring the dramatic landscapes of the area.

Barefoot Kuata Island Resort - Kuata Dorm (6 Bed Unisex, shared Bure (private ensuite, fan)
Octopus Resort - Dorm (14 bed unisex. shared facilities, Bure (private ensuite, fan)

Days 6 & 7

On the morning of day 6, head out for the snorkel with reef sharks experience. In the afternoon, board the Yasawa Flyer bound for South Sea Island. Spend the day kayaking, paddle boarding or relaxing on the beach. Transfer back to Port Denarau at 10:45, 16:00 or 17:30.

Accommodation on Day 6 only
South Sea Island Resort - Dorm (16 bed unisex, shared facilities, Bure (private ensuite, fan)


This itinerary operates in the order noted above or can operate in reverse order.

Bonus Malamala Day Pass and Awesome Pack

All packages get a bonus Malamala Day pass to use pre/post package and an Awesome Pack containing a Sarong, Drink Bottle & Day Pack to be picked up at check-in.

Book one of our Inclusive Packages and you’ll receive a full-day experience at Malamala Beach Club to use either before or after your island trip. Make sure to leave enough time on the mainland pre or post your island trip to fit in this awesome day out. Malamala Beach Club is the world’s first island beach club, located just 25 minutes from Port Denarau. Surrounded by crystal-clear waters, the beach club offers a delicious à la carte menu and handcrafted cocktails.

Experience the white sand beach, resort-style infinity edge pool, use of complimentary non-motorised watersports equipment and laid back tunes played all day long. Add on a poolside daybed or beachside cabana with butler service for a day you won’t forget!

Full Day Pass Includes:
- Return coach transfers from most Nadi, Denarau and Wailoaloa resorts / hotels
- Return vessel transfers
- Towel service
- Complimentary Wi-Fi
- Use of non-motorised watersports equipment including kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and snorkelling gear

It is highly recommended to book an Arrival or Departure Package in order to secure enough time to use your free Malamala Day Pass. Please ask your travel advisor about this.


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Compulsory meals package of FJD $859 is to be paid in local currency (FJD) upon arrival.


See the whole length of the Yasawas
Visit the famous Blue Lagoon region
Amazing snorkelling and diving locations
Spectacular scenery
'Picture postcard' Fiji beaches
Plenty of optional activities

Awesome Experience Inclusions
Day 1: Blue Lagoon Beach Resort - Snorkelling Trip including mask hire OR Sunset Champagne Tubing OR Handline Fishing Trip with Blue Lagoon Beach Resort
Oarsmans Bay Lodge - Guided Walk - Island Trekking (2-3 hours) plus either Reef Hopping Snorkeling Trip by boat (2 hours) or Handline Fishing Trip (2 hours) With Oarsmans Bay Lodge - daily
Coconut Beach Resort - Guided fish feeding trip to the Blue Lagoon with Coconut Beach Resort
Day 2: Blue Lagoon Beach Resort - Sawa I Lau Caves Trip operated by Blue Lagoon Beach Resort
Oarsmans Bay Lodge - Sawa I Lau Caves Trip - 2 hours - with Oarsmans Bay Lodge (Mon-Sat)
Coconut Beach Resort - Guided Sawa I Lau Caves trip with Coconut Beach Resort - operates Mon & Fri
Day 3: Mantaray Island Resort - Sunset Tube Cruise with Mantaray Island Resort
Barefoot Manta Island Resort - Marine Biology Tour with Barefoot Manta Island Resort
Day 4: Mantaray Island Resort - Swim with Manta Rays (valid May to Oct) OR Guided Snorkelling Trip with Mantaray Island Resort
Barefoot Manta Island Resort - Swim with Manta Rays (valid May to Oct) OR Guided Snorkelling at Reef Sites with Barefoot Manta
Day 5: Barefoot Kuata Island Resort - Guided Snorkelling with the Reef Sharks OR Guided Night Snorkel with Barefoot Kuata
Octopus Resort - Guided Night Snorkel or Guided Mountain Hike with Octopus Resort
Day 6: South Sea Island Resort - Use of all complimentary activities at South Sea Island, including the Semi Sub. Drinks included from 09:45 to 16:00 (local beer, house wine and soft drinks).


The Yasawa Islands have that special remote and ‘untouched’ feeling to them. The resorts range in budget and style from very basic to very up-market.

Most of the Mamanuca and Yasawa Island resorts we work with are Fijian owned and run, making them super friendly, fun, relaxed and culturally authentic. You'll mix and mingle with the locals from the nearby island villages. Just about every resort is beachfront, with coral lagoons on your doorstep.

The resorts offer a range of room types including mixed dormitory, twin and double rooms. Many resorts are traditional thatched roof huts called 'bures' (pronounced boo-rays). The properties have generators, so you’ll have electricity from sunset ‘til midnight and generally for the first part of the morning. The local power socket is the same as for Australia and New Zealand. In most properties the beds will either have mosquito nets or the windows have screens, but we always recommend bringing along insect repellent.

The Resorts are more modern properties with a strong Fijian flavour, and they have a high standard of accommodation and amenities. Rooms have fans or air-conditioning and there is more variety of meals. You'll feel welcome and immersed in the Fijian 'family'.

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All vessel transfers between the islands and the mainland are included.


Meal time is generally very social and a fantastic way to experience the Fijian culture. The menus at each resort differ, with some a la carte and some buffet style. Fijian food is generally very tasty and includes delicious fresh fruit, fish, barbecue meat and traditional fare, such as the melt-in-your-mouth marinated fish dish, kokoda.

Eating at the resort where you're staying is generally the only choice - there are no restaurants around the corner. The style of meals varies within the coconut tiers, but not surprisingly the general rule of thumb is the more upmarket the property, the better the dining experience you can expect. Having said that you’ll get some great meals at even the 1 coconut (Simple Stay) properties (especially the 'lovos' where food is cooked in the ground).

We recommend vegetarians inform the resort on arrival.

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Money Matters
Credit cards can now be used on most islands, but it is still advisable to have some cash with you. Please note there are no banks on the islands. The most convenient ATM machines are at Port Denarau, others are available in Nadi and at the airport. The currency is the Fijian dollar. Check out current exchange rates to get a sense of how much you’ll need.

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