Pouch Underwear Review: Saxx, UFM & Duluth Bullpen. Which Is Best? (2023)

If you’ve considered buying pouch underwear, but not sure what to expect, this article will answer many of your questions.

The following reviews of Saxx, UFM, and Duluth Trading Bullpen pouch underwear are courtesy of John M.

John is in the process of testing out several different brands of men’s underwear. Though, these are not just ordinary underwear, he is specifically testing those with pouches.

Before we get to the reviews, let’s first answer some frequently asked questions.

What is pouch underwear?

Pouch underwear is a sub-category of men’s boxer brief underwear that provide some form of separation between your penis/scrotum & thighs. Some briefs are also equipped expanded pouch designs.

What is pouch underwear for?

In simplest terms, to prevent the chafing that can occur between a man’s penis/scrotum & his thighs.

What types of pouch underwear are there?

There are various designs of pouch underwear. Some underwear could be equipped with chambers where you place your penis & scrotum into them together, or separate chambers for each. An alternative design could be fabric panels on either side of the pouch.

What is the best pouch underwear?

The most well-known brands of pouch underwear include Saxx, BN3TH (Formerly MyPackage), Sheath, and Separatec. However, they may not be the best. As you will see from the reviews below, each brand of pouch underwear has pros/cons. Which is best for you, will depend on what features match your needs the closest.

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Are there pouch underwear briefs?

Yes. Because of their design, briefs naturally provide separation from the thighs. However, there are underwear briefs available that offer expanded pouch designs, over the traditional pouch.


Pouch Underwear: Sizing Information for Context

I’m generally a size Large, with a waist of almost 36”, a weight around 175lb, and a height of around 5’11”; this should help someone wanting to know about the sizing. I also have a fairly long torso and slightly shorter legs.

– John

Duluth Trading Bullpen Underwear

Here’s a picture I took of the Duluth Trading Bullpen pouch underwear. They look similar to the Saxx design though not quite the same.

Pouch Underwear Review: Saxx, UFM & Duluth Bullpen. Which Is Best? (1)

The fabric is a sort of mesh, which feels pretty good and breathes well. Note that the Duluth pair here is a Size Medium, and mostly, though not perfectly, spread flat. I pulled up the waistband in front to show the entire “pouch” area.

In general, I think the flap they use to create the pouch should be a bit bigger/wider but stretchy enough to conform to your body.

One good thing is that the design pictured allows the private parts to move around somewhat as I change posture, which ensures there is no uncomfortable pressure in any position, especially when I’m bending forward. (Unlike the UFM drawstring pouch, or other pouches that try to grab onto the back of the private parts to keep them steady.)

These are a bit small for me, but while the legs are bit too tight and the pouch is a little small, the overall rise and fit isn’t bad.

The waistband is definitelysnug, though I usually prefer that to ensure they stay put, and the rise is about right.

While the Medium is a bit small, when I got them some time ago I tried size Large first, which felt like it hung too low for the flaps to keep proper isolation, andthe legs were a bit loose rather than snug.

It’s possible the Large size would fit slightly better now as I’m a bit bigger, but given that the Medium size still barely fits Idoubt the Large would be comfortable.

(Video) "Pouch" Underwear Roundup - MyPackage, Saxx, Stance, Sheath, Obviously, 2UNDR and more

Return/Exchange Experience

I bought them in a store, and was able to exchange the large size that didn’t fit for the medium size. Their online policy (which I haven’t tried) is great too: free returns, with free online exchanges coming soon.

Product Info: duluthtrading.com | Sizes tested: Medium & Large

UFM Boxer Briefs

The polyester fabric of the UFM boxer briefs was quite soft and felt fairly thin (it feels thinner and softer than their polyester briefs). I think it breathes well and dries fairly fast.

It has a mesh front pouch, which is great, but the fly they provide is a joke. It’s just too small.

Pouch Underwear Review: Saxx, UFM & Duluth Bullpen. Which Is Best? (2)

Their signature drawstrings do provide support, but they need to go further back into the pouch. I found it too easy to slip out of the pouch if I bend over too much.

The UFM drawstring also feels a bit lumpy to me, and the pressure from it can get uncomfortable after a while. Also, because of the slipping out issue, I still experienced some chafing against my leg.

Finally, I’d say that the back of these boxer briefs comes up too high. I needed to pull them up too far to get any support.

UFM Briefs

Based on my experience with the briefs, I doubt a size Medium would help; it would just be too small.

I previously had tried the briefs in size Medium, and while the overall size of the briefs felt about right for a Large, the drawstrings proved hopeless for me, only causing uncomfortable pressure and discomfort. In my opinion, the drawstrings need to go further back into the pouch.

The polyester brief was snug — sort of like the low-rise Jockey Sport Mesh Brief.

The viscose one was more relaxed, making me think that a viscose brief in size large would have too much rise and maybe be a bit too loose to fit nicely. Though, the viscose fabric itself felt great and dealt with moisture well.

I found the tailoring of the briefs good; the leg bands have an interesting bend on the very outside of the thigh (sort of the mid point) that helps keep them in place.

The fly on these was also a joke.

My summary for the briefs: They felt great, except for the drawstring, which is supposed to be the selling point!

Return/Exchange Experience

When purchased directly from the brand’s website, they unfortunately only allow returns of unworn, unwashed items with the original packaging undamaged. (Probably because they are a smaller company?) So be sure to only try on one of a particular style if you’re not sure it fits.

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Product Info: ufmunderwear.com | Sizes tested: Medium & Large

Saxx Pouch Underwear

I tried a couple in Size L (which is nominally for size 36-38; I’m close to 36”), and they were bigger and looser than I expected, especially for the Volt pair that claimed to be slim fit.

Pouch Underwear Review: Saxx, UFM & Duluth Bullpen. Which Is Best? (3)

Again, I needed to pull them up too high to get into the pouch. Some chafing was possible depending on the circumstances because of the looseness.

I gave up on Size L and picked up a couple of Sport Mesh briefs in Size M instead (nominal size 33-35). Those felt about right, despite the manufacturer saying that they have a limited amount of stretch and recommending sizing up if you’re near the next size.

Pulling them up for a snug fit put the waist at about the right height and they felt snug but pretty good.

My only gripe with the sizing for the medium size is that the legs are a bit tight and tend to cause some fabric creases due to my pulling them up high for good support. So I guess I have slightly thick thighs.

The leg wrinkling thing seems to happen with almost any boxer brief design for some reason; when I pull them high enough to provide support, the legs seem to get into slightly the wrong angle.

The pouch would also benefit from just a little bit more room in front, though it’s pretty good; it’s on the snugger side.

Their separation panels are a fine mesh, which is pretty comfortable but I think it’s not quite as good as using a nice fabric like the CoolNylon in RibbedTee’s boxer briefs.

The fine mesh used in the separation panels are thin enough that It could potentially allow sweat stickiness between the leg and the privates.

Saxx Design

Maybe they’re thinking that the boxer brief hangs down a bit in front instead of fitting snugly like a brief? But then what’s the point of the pouch?

I’m still not sure it’s quite as good as briefs. They do seem to have a bit more tendency to cause chafing, but they’re at least close for once.

After wearing them for a whole day, I found that even the Size Medium Saxx sport mesh boxer briefs don’t quite stay in place. They seem to get dragged down a bit by pants, and the mesh on the left side failed to do its job and keep things inside, so I experienced rubbing on my leg.

So they still aren’t as good as normal briefs.

Return/Exchange Experience

If purchasing directly from the brand’s website, they offer a Comfort Guarantee. This worked out well for me as I didn’t end up having to pay for the ones that were too large.

(Video) Introduce the Sack Pack Pouch with Hook Underwear

Product Info: Amazon | Sizes tested: Medium & Large

Summing It Up: 3 Brands of Pouch Underwear

None of the above “wonder brands” have really lived up to the hype. I think there are some good ideas that could work great if tweaked.

For example, running the drawstrings in the UFM underwear in a slightly different or totally different route, and making sure they don’t chafe or squeeze uncomfortably.

But, considering these brands of pouch underwear are rather expensive, I’d wait till they’re on sale and maybe try a couple to see if you like them.

Though, do keep in mind that they won’t likely be as amazing as the reviews and ads make them sound.

Final Thoughts

As a final comment, something I have often wondered is why no boxer briefs seem to be designed as effectively a brief with legs added.

That should provide the comfort, support, and isolation of a brief, while giving the look of a boxer brief and also providing the legs with some anti-chafing fabric and compression, and possibly helping disperse moisture by adding more fabric to absorb and wick it away.

But instead, pouch boxer briefs seem to all be designed as a retrofit boxer brief, with something to isolate the private parts.

As I asked in my review of Saxx, does this just have to do with how people like their boxer briefs to feel? Do they not want them to be a little snugger for more support?

So far the most comfortable underwear I have found has all been briefs (or variations on that style).

One thing I’ve occasionally considered and may need to try is using anti-chafing leg bands while wearing regular briefs. This will prevent any leg chafing, while keeping the feel I like up top.

Hope this information helps others make good decisions.

– John M.

For more underwear-related articles, please be sure to check out my Underwear category.


Does Duluth make good underwear? ›

Our Conclusion. The Duluth Trading Company Performance Boxer Brief is a solid choice for a working man who's looking for no-frills underwear that wicks moisture and fights odors. Duluth started as one of the first construction clothing brands, and they haven't lost their focus on making durable, functional garments.

What is special about Duluth underwear? ›

Duluth Trading Company. It's the underwear so comfortable it feels like you're wearing nothing at all. No-pinch, no-stink, no-sweat performance keeps you comfortable through any and every job, freeing you from all that chafing and discomfort – and we've got the reviews to prove it!

Which type of underwear is best for testicle support? ›

Previously jockstraps were used to support the testicles but it was not able to provide support to the buttocks. However, UFM underwear is seen as a comfortable alternative to jockstrap and is recommended by urologists for extra support.

What underwear is best? ›

Overall, choose natural fabrics — specifically cotton

You may have heard this before, but with all the cute styles in a variety of fabrics out there, it's worth saying again: cotton is the best underwear fabric. “The vulva is a very sensitive and delicate area, similar to the lips on your face.

Where is UFM underwear made? ›

UFM Underwear for Men is located in Jacksonville, Florida, United States .

What is SAXX underwear known for? ›

Saxx underwear is known for their BallPark Pouch design. Saxx is an underwear company that prides itself on its unique BallPark Pouch, a design that features two mesh slits in the front that are supposed to sit between your balls and your thighs.

Is Duluth made in America? ›

Over 140 Years Of Business. Made In Duluth, MN Since 1882. Proudly Made In The USA.

What are the benefits of pouch underwear? ›

Pouch underwear is designed to keep you cool and dry using breathable, soft mesh fabric. And, designed to lift your manhood, it helps to keep the entire area dry and feeling delightful.

What underwear is best for prostate? ›

boxer briefs are known to provide the extra support when it is required the most. The briefs also work in combination with different men incontinence guard pads as it lock the pad in place and avoid the person from feeling embarrassed.

Is pouch underwear comfortable? ›

Anatomically correct underwear pouches or natural pouch underwear are the opposite to contouring, lifting and enhancement. The pouch is longer, allowing your package to naturally dangle. Therefore, it reduces squashing, sticking, sweating and chafing. Ultimately, it's a more comfortable and natural wearing experience.

Which underwear is best for men tight or loose? ›

According to a study, men who prefer waring airy boxer shorts make much more sperm than who wear tight or restrictive boxers. This is because airy boxers can keep your testicles cool. The study, conducted by scientists at Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health, was done on 656 men.

Should men's underwear be tight or loose? ›

Men's underwear should fit snug - not tight - around the waist and thighs while providing breathing room in the crotch; in other words, you should feel comfortable, but not feel cramped. Underwear that's too tight can lead to chafing, rashes, skin irritation, and general discomfort.

Should guys wear underwear at night? ›

It's recommended to avoid wearing tight underwear at night, and going to bed naked is the best approach to assure restful sleep. If you are still concerned about your privacy and can't go naked, consider wearing lightweight cotton breathable boxers to bed rather than tight underwear.

What is the healthiest underwear to wear? ›

Cotton is the best choice when it comes to everyday wear, according to Dr. Dweck. It's the most absorbent material and the best for promoting breathability. (And, yup, they're usually pretty affordable, too.)

What is the most luxurious underwear brand? ›

The 15 Best Luxury Lingerie Brands Worth Buying in 2023
  • Agent Provocateur.
  • Pleasurements.
  • Fleur of England.
  • Bluebella.
  • La Perla.
  • Simone Pérèle.
  • I.D. Sarrieri.
  • Carine Gilson.
Feb 13, 2023

Which is the number one underwear brand? ›

1. Jockey. Established in 1876, Jockey has been manufacturing excellent quality undergarments. The brand is known for its attention to fabric quality, comfortable structuring, and style.

What underwear do the Kardashians wear? ›

Kardashian used to not wear underwear all that much, finding it to be “really irritating and annoying” and usually opting for shapewear alone instead. Now, obviously, she wears Skims.

What underwear is best to avoid yeast infection? ›

Wear cotton or silk underwear, which allows dampness to evaporate, unlike nylon and other synthetics. Wash and dry your underwear thoroughly and change them often to prevent dampness.

What type of underwear sells the most? ›

Cotton fabric underwear held the largest market share of around 68.6% in 2022. The growth is attributed to the properties of cotton that make the product soft, lightweight, and more breathable. Consumers prefer cotton fabric over others as they provide comfort, high absorbency, and resistance to moisture.

Where is Duluth underwear from? ›

Duluth Trading is a rapidly growing lifestyle brand for the Modern, Self-Reliant American. Based in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, we offer high-quality, solution-based casual wear, workwear and accessories for men and women who lead a hands-on lifestyle and who value a job well done.

How do you wear UFM Underwear? ›

Here is how you would wear a pair of UFM Pouch Underwear. Our drawstring support pouch forms a loop on the front panel of your underwear. You situate your scrotum within the pouch, making sure that everything is laying correctly and feels comfortable.

How does Duluth No funk underwear work? ›

Unlike standard skivvies, their amazing breathable poly/spandex mesh fabric contains Cupron® copper embedded fibers that kill odor-causing bacteria – preventing foul and funky smells at the source. Better yet, the anti-odor action won't rub off or wash out, so it'll staunchly fight stink for the life of your undies.

Should I size up or down in SAXX? ›

Waist Size

For the SAXX Vibes and Sport Mesh, we would recommend that you go for a size up from your normal if you sit at the cusp. They're both cut with a slightly slimmer fit and naturally sit closer to your skin.

Can you put Saxx underwear in the dryer? ›

How do I care for my SAXX product? SAXX products are designed for easy, low-impact care. We recommend cold water wash on gentle cycle, washing like colors together. Tumble dry on low temperature.

What are the different types of SAXX? ›

  • Everyday.
  • Vibe Super Soft All-day comfort in a Slim Fit.
  • Ultra Super Soft All-day comfort in a Relaxed Fit.
  • DropTemp™ Cooling Cotton Cotton, but cooler.
  • Daytripper Durable + made for guys on the go.
  • Undercover Cotton Leveled-up cotton.
  • Non-Stop Stretch Cotton that won't bag out.

What is the Duluth pack controversy? ›

In July 2020, the company faced backlash online and protests in person for allowing Ivanka Trump to visit their Canal Park location.

Who is Duluth owned by? ›

Duluth Trading Company History Timeline

Since around 2000, the company is owned and chaired by Steve Schlecht – who worked to expand the uniqueness of Duluth Trading.

Why is it called Duluth? ›

Named “Duluth” in 1856, the city's name recognizes Frenchman Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Lhut, who came in 1679 to set up fur trade routes. Duluth had a shaky start: an 1857 economic crash and an 1859 scarlet fever epidemic. However, resources – first, copper, and later, iron ore and lumber – helped greatly.

What is the point in pouch boxers? ›

In simple terms, pouch underwear is a category of men's underwear, generally boxer briefs, that features a specially designed pouch that separates your "manhood" from your thighs. The idea behind pouch underwear is that it is intended to prevent chafing.

Does the underwear you wear matter? ›

Wearing underwear isn't strictly necessary for good genital health. But a pair of well-fitting undies made of a breathable fabric can provide some real benefits, Dr. Bank says. It should be noted that these benefits only extend to clean, well-fitting underwear that is changed on a daily basis, says Sherry A.

What is the purpose of pouch bag? ›

Protects – The materials of the pouch stops vapour, odour, air, pests and light coming in contact with the product. Some films such as Foil and Nylon contain barrier properties adding extra strength. Hygiene perforations in the pouch also help the product 'breathe' controlling moisture. 10.

What underwear is hot on guys? ›

Here's why women preferred boxers briefs over any other type of men's underwear. "Boxer briefs make men look more muscly. They're also what men are wearing whenever a man appears in an ad for women, so I associate them with hot dudes." "Sexier than boxers and accentuate thighs."

Is sitting or standing better for prostate? ›

The results for healthy men were similar in sitting and standing positions, which suggests men should adopt the practice of sitting, since urinary tract and prostate health issues are extremely common in men over 50.

How do I keep my prostate happy? ›

  1. Maintain a Balanced Diet. They're probably not your favorite part of any meal, but green, leafy vegetables are a good first step toward a healthy prostate. ...
  2. Get Some Sun. Don't ditch the sunscreen, but don't hide from the sun either. ...
  3. Get Screened.

What holds your balls in place? ›

Scrotum. The bag of skin that holds and helps to protect the testicles.

What is Shinesty compared to Saxx? ›

The key difference is where the pouch's guardrails end: Shinesty's Ball Hammock pouch makes a U-shape, while Saxx's pouch is I-shaped. After putting on Shinesty's boxer briefs, the difference in pouch design is quite apparent.

Should you sleep without undies? ›

Health Benefits of Sleeping Without Underwear

Sleeping with covers, tight-fitting pajamas or clothes, and underwear can lead to even more moisture buildup. Wearing underwear keeps that moisture close to your genitals. This allows bacteria and yeast to grow, which can cause infection and other problems.

How do you know if your underwear is too big or too small? ›

Signs Your Underwear Is Too Small or Too Big

Think about sizing up if your underwear creates marks, dents, redness or a skin bulge in the hip or butt area. You might also consider buying a larger size if your underwear feels extra tight around the thigh area or restricts thigh movement.

Does underwear affect testosterone? ›

It turns out that men who wore briefs had about 16% higher follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). FSH does a lot of different things for your reproductive system, including testosterone regulation and sperm production. And as its name implies, follicle stimulating hormone also stimulates your hair follicles.

Why tight underwear is not recommended for males? ›

Wearing tight underwear can be uncomfortable, and in some cases it may have adverse effects on your health. For people with penises, wearing tight underwear can push the scrotum against the body, causing the testes to rise in temperature. This has shown in some research to correlate with a lower sperm count.

What underwear is best for testosterone? ›

Stud Briefs are on average 1.81 °C cooler than traditional underwear. As a result, Stud Briefs boost testosterone, support male fertility, and improve testicular health. They even help reduce scrotal sagging and can help treat low sex drive!

Is it good to remove underwear at night for men? ›

"Reducing exposure for bed decreases DNA fragmentation; better semen quality parameters are observed in men wearing boxers during the day and none to bed." The study tracked 500 men over the course of a year, taking note of the underwear choices they made and the quality of their sperm.

Where does rain man buy his underwear? ›

Raymond : My boxer shorts have my name and it says Raymond. Charlie : All right, when we pass the store, we'll pick you up a pair of boxer shorts. Raymond : I get my boxer shorts at K-Mart in Cincinnati.

Is Duluth Trading Made in China? ›

Made in the USA Products | Duluth Trading Company.

Is Duluth made in the USA? ›

Over 140 Years Of Business. Made In Duluth, MN Since 1882. Proudly Made In The USA.

Who makes underwear for the military? ›

Since 2002, Campbellsville Apparel supplied vast quantities of undershirts and briefs to the US Military.

How many underwear do minimalist men own? ›

Men should own at least 14 pairs of underwear. If you do laundry every week, then 14 is the magic number.

What is no ride up underwear? ›

A no ride-up underwear is briefs, panties, or hipsters— underwear of any type that does not form a wedgie or does not roll up to expose the buttocks.

Does Duluth run small? ›

Generally, button down shirts and tunics at Duluth run a little big. I tried on a 3X, which is my normal size. I would definitely recommend trying on a size down. The 2X was a much better fit.

What Duluth underwear are odor fighting? ›

Copper Boxers. Unlike standard skivvies, their amazing breathable poly/spandex mesh fabric contains Cupron® embedded copper fibers that kill odor-causing bacteria – preventing foul funky smells at the source.

What are SAXX underwear made for? ›

Designed to reduce skin-on-skin friction, this 3D hammock-shaped pouch holds everything in place. Constructed to accommodate the male anatomy, the BallPark Pouch™ allows for natural support and movement.

What is the Duluth Trading controversy? ›

Duluth Trading Co. is suing J.C. Penney for describing its product as a "longtail" T-shirt, which the Mount Horeb-based retailer says violates its copyright. Duluth Trading is suing the department store chain for trademark infringement and unfair competition. Duluth Holdings Inc.

What is the Duluth Pack controversy? ›

In July 2020, the company faced backlash online and protests in person for allowing Ivanka Trump to visit their Canal Park location.

Where is Duluth manufactured? ›

Only, proudly, and continuously made in Duluth, MN, USA since 1882. By Duluth Pack's employees, in Duluth Pack's building, handcrafting Duluth Pack gear.


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