SAXX Underwear Review (2023)

SAXX Underwear Review (1)

SAXX is one of the most recent brands in the line of men’s boxers, briefs, and trunks. The brand offers remarkable pieces crafted with masculine styles and a sleek look. No more worrying about the ball sweat during summer days, as SAXX underwear holds everything tightly together to avoid friction with the legs that causes an itchy and uncomfortable feeling. The brand boasts of the unique ballpark technology that gives your balls a boost all day. SAXX has also gained some celebrities’ attention, including Oliver Jamie and Wayne Bridge – an American footballer. Our SAXX underwear review will highlight the brand’s shipping policy, its top-selling products, customer ratings, and more; this will help men decide if it’s worth checking out.

About SAXX Underwear

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Trent Kitsch, the founder of the unbeatable undergarments, was on a fishing trip wearing a damp swimsuit when an idea crossed his mind. He wondered if there was a solution to the discomfort caused by friction and chaffing of the balls. The outstanding and life-changing underwear brand SAXX was then born in 2006 with a patented invention they call ballpark couch.

The company’s mission is to support men in dealing with the day to day discomfort. Each pair comes with a hammock shape, and a 3D pouch designed to keep everything in place. The mesh panels ensure that the balls are breathing, and there is no need to worry about things heating up. The pouch offers a perfect combination of support and comfort to help you go about your daily activities without distraction.

The company’s headquarters is in Vancouver, British Columbia. The brand not only provides men with perfect undergarments but also allows them to come together for charity support purposes.


  • The company creates a wide range of styles to suit different kinds of me

  • Their boxers, trunks, and briefs come with fun and beautiful patterns

  • The brand’s underwear has a unique ball pouch technology

  • Their pairs of underwear feature a 3D fit technology that supports the body’s ergonomics to the fullest

  • Their underwear has a Flat out seam technology

  • The brand gives back to the community through the charity causes


  • Some customers complain that the prices are higher than usual
  • Several customers complained about sizing mishaps
  • Some international customers complained about delayed deliveries

SAXX Men’s Underwear Review

We call SAXX pants heaven-sent because it is simple to pull them up ready to go about the activities of the day. It is time to dive into their best-selling SAXX mens underwear. We’ll look at their imagery, special features, and the reason they stand out from the rest of their kind in the market.

Platinum SAXX Boxers

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Designed for a guy who is ready for the next adventure, platinum boxers give total support and absolute freedom. The pants feature a comfortable fit whereby it grabs well the but and thighs and slightly loosen around the legs. The underpants are made from a premium modal fabric that is soft and comfortable.

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The ballpark technology for platinum SAXX boxers is a 3D hammock-shaped design to hold the balls in place tightly and securely. The pouch prevents friction of the balls against the skin, which normally causes itching and chafing. With the breathable mesh panels, your balls are safe and fresh in the ball pouch all day long.

Our SAXX underwear review found that the company reverses the stitching on platinum boxers, placing the rough side outside and the softer side inside for an itch-free experience. Platinum SAXX boxers’ 3D support includes an ergonomic nine-panel construction that braces the quads, thighs, glutes, and hamstrings.

The boxers come with moisture-wicking qualities to fight dampness and allow moisture to stay away from the skin. The fits range from loser to tighter, but they all offer the same comfort and support. Not forgetting the frontal fly, odor resistance, anti-roll waistband, and funky prints.

SAXX Ultra Underwear

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The underpants are designed for men who are looking for ultra breathability. The SAXX ultra underwear gives you a relaxed fit whereby the butts and thighs are held tightly and becomes a little looser around the legs. The ultra boxers are one of the most comfortable pants you can get carefully crafted with the balls in mind.

The pants feature a frontal fly, anti-roll waistband, odor resistance, and solid colors with beautiful prints. The boxers come with moisture-wicking qualities to combat dampness allowing moisture to stay away from the skin. With a range of looser to tighter fits, ultra underwear offers absolute comfort and support.

SAXX pants are made from viscose fabric and spandex with reversed stitching. The brand places the softer side inside and the rough one outside, to prevent itching. The ultra underpants’ 3D support includes an ergonomic nine-panel construction that braces the quads, thighs, glutes, and hamstrings.

This SAXX underwear review discovered that the boxers come in 8 combinations of different colors with 21 patterns. These combinations include Black Budgie, Blue Action Shot, Blue Banana Rama, Navy Summit Stripe, Black Stache, Navy Fishing Line, Black Skullduggery, etc. SAXX provides 28 options to choose from, and everyone gets a piece that suits their tastes.

SAXX Underwear Brief

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Designed to provide comfort and style, the SAXX underwear brief offers the same support as the SAXX boxers. The briefs can be They feature solid colors and loads of beautifully crafted patterns. The fits range from tighter to looser, but none of the pieces compromises on support. SAXX briefs are made from a combo of viscose fabric and spandex with a reversed stitching whereby the softer side is placed inside and the rough one outside to combat itching and discomfort.

The ultra briefs feature a 3D support that includes an ergonomic nine-panel construction that perfectly holds the thighs, quads, glutes, and hamstrings. The briefs have ballpark technology and a 3D hammock-shaped design to hold the balls in place tightly and securely.

The ball pouch prevents friction of the balls against the skin, which normally causes itching and chafing. With the breathable mesh panels, your balls are safe and fresh in the ball pouch all day long.

The briefs come with moisture-wicking qualities to prevent dampness caused by balls’ sweat, keeping moisture away from the body. The anti-roll waistband holds the briefs in position all day long while offering comfort and support as you go about your day-to-day engagements.

SAXX Underwear Vibe Super-Soft Jersey

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These pants are the best-selling in the line crafted to emphasize your personality. The SAXX underwear vibe is super soft pieces with a slim fit and a tighter fit around the leg. The design is best for the man who wants to give his balls a comfortable boost.

The main feature is the pant’s ballpark technology that gives your balls a comfortable boost. It has an unnoticeable micro-mesh lining around the pouch to allow breathability while the soft viscose feels gentle on the skin. This model has no frontal fly, so you are sure that your man-bits are safe and secure inside the boxer.

SAXX vibe underpants are made from moisture-wicking viscose fabric and elastane. The vibe boxer features a 5’’ inseam and an anti-roll waistband for extra comfort. The boxers have three solid colors: Pepper, Navy, and Black. On top of that, vibe boxers have many different funky patterns for men who fancy colors and styles. These patterns include Red No Thank You, Navy American Spirit, Black Beer Champs, Orange the Good Fat, and much more.

SAXX Pouched Underwear Undercover Cotton

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For men who love boxers with a slim fit, the Pouched Underwear Undercover Cotton is another great option to go for. The model comes with a form-fitting from the butt passing through to the thighs. The underpants feature a frontal fly to allow quick and easy access. The pants are made from a soft cotton-modal material designed to offer comfort while tackling day-to-day challenges.

The ballpark technology for undercover boxers includes a 3D hammock-shaped design to hold the balls in place tightly and securely. The pouch prevents friction of the balls against the skin, which normally causes itching and chafing. With the breathable mesh panels, your balls are safe and fresh in the ball pouch all day long.

The Pouched Underwear Undercover Cotton features a reversed stitching with the soft side inside and the other placed on the outside. The underwears come with moisture-wicking qualities to prevent dampness caused by sweat, allowing the skin to stay dry. The model comes with a range of looser to tighter fits, ultra underwear offers total comfort and support.

SAXX Underwear Reviews from Customers

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We investigated the SAXX underwear review to find out what customers are saying about the brand and its products. On their official website, we came across many positive remarks about the company. It has a consumer rating of 5/5 star, and customers are happy about the quality fit and the sizing of the boxers.

Customers love the cheeky bottoms, the prints, and the convenience that come alongside the elegant pieces. Even though some customers have complained about sizing mishaps, others talk of a perfect and comfortable fit.

We also checked what customers on Amazon think about the underpants, and we came across overwhelming positive remarks and praises. Customers love the ball pouch technology saying that it’s the best feature of the boxers. The SAXX ballpark pouch keeps the man bits in position to prevent friction with the thighs, and therefore an all-day comfort is guaranteed.

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10 Best Men's Underwear Brands

On Reddit, the brand has a 4.2-star rating. Customers commended the timely shipping, product fit, and quality of their products. Others praised the underwear for being so supportive and comfortable. SiteJabber gave the company a 4.7-star rating, with the majority of customers talking about satisfaction with their purchases.

Although we came across negative reviews on higher pricing, many customers felt that their products are worth every dime they spent. Customers also talk of the cuteness and sturdiness of the fabrics.

Sign Up for SAXX Underwear

To get started with SAXX, you need to visit their sign-up page on their website and create an account. The registration process is simple, as the entire process takes only a few seconds. You are required to provide your first and last name, valid email address, and password. The site will send you an email with a link that you will use to activate your account.

Once you complete the registration process, you are free to start browsing through the products they offer and have a happy shopping experience. You will also get updates on new arrivals and products, brand news, promotions, and shopping reminders.

Where to Buy SAXX Underwear

Are you wondering where to buy SAXX underwear? Don’t fret. The whole collection is available on the company’s website. Once you create an account, you will be able to make an order for any item that is available. If you want to find a physical store near you, the SAXX underwear store locator will show you the retailer that is near your location.

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SAXX products are available in renowned retailers such as Nordstrom, Walmart (by doing SAXX Underwear Walmart run), Sporting Life, or a SAXX underwear Costco visit.

SAXX Underwear Shipping and Return Policy

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SAXX offers to ship in standard and express categories in the US and Canada. Shipping takes 5-7 business days at a $5 fee. Express shipping charges $25, which takes 2-3business days. Orders on or above $50 enjoy free shipping.

International standard shipping costs $8 and $30 for express shipping. Before placing an order, find out from the company’s website whether they ship to your country. The company sends an email with the tracking details for follow-ups.

Return Policy:

For return, the packaging and tag should be intact. The brand offers a 45 days return window period. If your return request is accepted, SAXX issues a refund as long as the return is within the window period.

US and Canadian residents may be asked to channel their returns through the SAXX handling center. In that case, the company sends them an electronic shipping label valid for 7 days. Customers should print it out and stick it to the return package, then use the carrier advised by SAXX. Lastly, international customers are responsible for all return shipping costs.

SAXX Underwear Promotions & Discounts

Sign up for the SAXX newsletter to get a 10% discount. Claim the rewards using any of the SAXX underwear promo codes provided on the brand’s website. Customers are offered free shipping for orders worth $50 and above. You must be an email subscriber to be eligible for select rewards.

Contact SAXX Underwear

In case you have further inquiries to make, you want to leave a comment or a compliment, reach out to the company through the phone at +1-844-877-7299. You may also Shoot them an email at [emailprotected]

The customer service team is available from Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PST and on Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. PST.

You can also fill out the contact form provided on the website with your details and the question(s). A customer service representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible. The brand also has a live chat feature at the bottom part of the screen that you use to chat directly with one of the customer service representatives.

SAXX Underwear Review: Editor’s Verdict

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This SAXX underwear review concludes by stating that the brand offers value for money. Online customers have left lots of positive reviews on various websites. The company offers quality undergarments for men with their comfort in mind. The company has carefully considered that the men’s bits need a boost and a secure place to stay as they undergo their day-to-day activities.

While SAXX is pricier than the other brands in the same line, you will take home a piece that is worth every dime. The underwear looks and feels great. If sweating has been an issue for you, you will never regret adding several SAXX boxers and briefs to your wardrobe.

Are you looking for other amazing underwear brands? Check out our reviews of MeUndies, Modibodi and Tommy John.

SAXX Underwear FAQ

How do I wash my SAXX Underwear?

Most undergarments can be machine washed with cold water and tumble dried with low heat on a gentle cycle. Only bleach using non-chlorine bleach, iron low heat, or dry clean when needed. Washing instructions may slightly vary, check on the label/packaging for the specific instructions.

What are the inseam lengths of each SAXX underwear?

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To determine the inseam lengths, check the SAXX underwear size chart on the company’s website.

What should you do if your SAXX is damaged or defective in any way?

If you find that the items you ordered are damaged in any way, send an email to the company via [emailprotected] You should include a photo and description of the full item(s) laid out with something marking the area of damage.

What is the SAXX warranty policy?

The company offers a one-year warranty for products purchased directly from the company’s website or the authorized sellers. For warranty requests, reach out to the company first before sending the item(s) back. Remember to include proof of purchase alongside your claims. All warranty requests should be sent to [emailprotected]


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