Terraria: Best Summoner Build In Terraria 1.4 (2023)

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  • Plantera Hardmode Summoner Build
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  • Lunar Events and Moon Lord Summoner Build

Terraria's Summoner class has always been a strange one. It didn't get much love until the 1.4 Journey's End update, but with the introduction of Whips and other new summoning items, it is, at last, a viable build to tackle Terraria with.

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Playing as a Summoner poses a unique challenge but offers plenty of advantages over the other classes. It also has a couple of downsides, mostly that it's tricky to play in the early game. This guide will cover how to complete the Summoner build in Terraria, from your first steps to sending your swarm of minions right at the Moon Lord's big smug space-face.


Updated July 13th by Harry Alston: We're updating this Summoner build guide to include more info ahead of the 1.4 console release date for Terraria. The guide has been restructured to be easier to follow, as well as with some extra info about the best summoner weapons, armor, and playstyles you can expect with all the new 1.4 buffs for the class.

Summoner Build Fundamentals

Terraria: Best Summoner Build In Terraria 1.4 (1)

Playing as a Summoner means you might die. A lot. This is because Summoners typically have low defensive stats but incredible damage output. You are a glass cannon in pretty much every way.

Like the other classes, the Summoner really comes into its own during the latter stages of Hardmode, but there are still ways to tackle enemies and defeat bosses throughout Terraria. It's not always easy, but a fun challenge to try out if you're an experienced Terrarian.

Early Game Summoner Build

Terraria: Best Summoner Build In Terraria 1.4 (2)

The very early stages of Terraria are mostly based on what you manage to find on your spelunking trips. A mixed approach is usually recommended, with any armor or weapons you find that can get you through the first bosses and more challenging biomes.

(Video) Best Endgame Summoner Loadout - Terraria 1.4

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That being said, the Summoner class does have a few options thanks to the 1.4 update, including the Finch Staff and Leather Whip. Armor at this point is usually Cactus Armor, later upgraded to armor crafted from the early ores, like Gold and Platinum. No accessories for Summoners yet, so go for something simple like a Cloud in a Bottle and Hermes Boots.

An early game summoner build might look like this:

  • Finch Staff, Leather Whip
  • Gold Armor, Platinum Armor, Jungle Armor
  • Cloud in a Bottle, Hermes Boots, Lucky Horseshoe

Pre-Hardmode And The Wall Of Flesh Boss Fight

Terraria: Best Summoner Build In Terraria 1.4 (3)

Up until 1.4, Summoners were pretty useless at this stage of the game. Thanks to the addition of the Spinal Tap whip (crafted from Cobwebs and Bones) and the Obsidian Armor (crafted from, you guessed it, Obsidian), the Summoner is now a viable option to take down the Wall of Flesh.

There are also a few more options for weapons, such as the Hornet Staff (dropped from the Queen Bee), the Vampire Frog Staff, and the Imp Staff. You might also go for the Bee Armor which increases minion damage by ten percent. There's one essential accessory at this stage: the Pygmy Necklace. You can purchase this from the Witch Doctor at night. It provides one extra minion slot.

A pre-Hardmode Summer build should include:

  • Hornet Staff, Spinal Tap, Imp Staff (other options for weapons are available)
  • Bee Armor, Obsidian Armor
  • Feral Claws, Pygmy Necklace, and other accessories of choice

The best weapon for a Summoner build that is transitioning it Hardmode? It has to be the Imp Staff paired with the Spinal Tap.

Early Hardmode Summoner Build

Terraria: Best Summoner Build In Terraria 1.4 (4)
(Video) Terraria: BEST SUMMONER BUILD ??? (1.4.4)

At this stage of the game, choosing a set build is the best route to take. The Summoner build has quite a few options with early Hardmode weapons such as the powerful Blade Staff and the skin-crawling Spider Staff. We recommend the Blade Staff. It is dropped by the Queen Slime as of 1.4 with a 33.33 percent chance to drop.

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Likewise, the Summoner has access to some class-specific armor sets, such as the Spider Armor and Forbidden Armor. The Obsidian Armor is a good introductory armor to see you through the first steps into Hardmode. The Wall of Flesh can also drop the Summoner Emblem, a crucial accessory for the class.

Spider Armor is crafted from 36 Spider Fangs and will increase the number of minions you can have by three, as well as providing a boost to minion damage.

Forbidden Armor is crated with Forbidden Fragments and either Titanium or Adamantite Bars. The Mask, Robes, and Treads all provide a mild boost to minion damage and the number of minions you can spawn.

An early Hardmode summoner build should look like this:

  • Cool Whip, Spinal Tap, Blade Staff, Spider Staff
  • Spider Armor, Forbidden Armor, Obsidian Armor
  • Summoner Emblem, Pygmy Necklace, Berserker's Glove

Plantera Hardmode Summoner Build

Terraria: Best Summoner Build In Terraria 1.4 (5)

The defeat of the mechanical bosses opens up new avenues for the Summoner class. The Hallowed Armor is a fantastic choice to flesh out your Summoner build, as it will increase the set number of minions by two. Craft the Hood first, as this increases minions by one and minion damage by ten percent.

Hallowed Armor is crafted with Hallowed Bars, which are dropped by the Mechanical Bosses. It's one of the best sets of summoner armor you can wear pre-Plantera. You just need to craft the Hood and all the other pieces of armor are standard.

(Video) Just How OP Can You Make Summoners in Terraria? | HappyDays

Your Summoner build will likely make use of the same weapons as with the mechanical bosses, particularly the Blade Staff. This is usually the most recommended summoner weapon for this stage of the game, although you can experiment with the Ballista Rod (summons a static Sentry to assist you), Lightning Aura Cane, or the classic Queen Spider Staff.

Here's a good Summoner build for taking on Plantera:

  • Blade Staff (other weapons are available)
  • Hallowed Armor, Spider Armor, Squire Armor (for a sentry build)
  • Summoner Emblem, Berserker's Glove, Pygmy Necklace

Golem Hardmode Summoner Build

Terraria: Best Summoner Build In Terraria 1.4 (6)

Defeating Plantera opens a world of possibility for the Summoner build. There are some new weapons available thanks to the Frost Moon and Pumpkin Moon events, such as the Raven Staff and Staff of the Frost Hydra. You can also get your hands on a new whip, the Dark Harvest.

The Raven Staff is one of the best Hardmode summoning weapons to have before you face the Golem. It summons a raven that hunts enemies down. The Staff is dropped by the Pumpking during the Pumpkin Moon event, and its best modifier is Ruthless.

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Likewise, it's time to upgrade your armor. The Spooky Armor or Tiki Armor are recommended since they both offer advantages to the Summoner build. You should also get your hands on a Necromantic Scroll or Papyrus Scarab. This is where you'll really start to understand the power of the build.

Spooky Armor is the second-best set of summoning armor in the entire game and can be crafted from Spooky Wood earned during the Pumpkin Moon event. It is very close to Tiki Power in what it offers, but you can deal more minion damage with the Spooky Armor with every new minion you spawn. The more minions, the more damage it deals.

A Golem Hardmode summoner build should include:

  • Blade Staff, Raven Staff, Dark Harvest (other weapons are available to experiment with)
  • Spooky Armor, Tiki Armor
  • Summoner Emblem, Papyrus Scarab, Necromantic Scroll, Pygmy Necklace

Lunar Events and Moon Lord Summoner Build

Terraria: Best Summoner Build In Terraria 1.4 (7)
(Video) SUMMONER IN 10 MINUTES! Terraria 1.4 Expert Summoner Progression Guide! Summoner Loadout Guide!

Congratulations, you've reached the endgame of Terraria with a Summoner build. The latter stages of Terraria have some great options to complete your build, including the powerful Xeno Staff and Stardust Dragon Staff.

Spooky Armor holds up well until the very end of the game when you can upgrade to Stardust Armor to round everything off. The accessories stay widely the same (with the Pygmy Necklace and your scrolls) but can be complemented by other endgame accessories like the Celestial Shell.

Stardust Armor is the BEST Summoner armor in the entire game, available once you've defeated Moon Lord. It takes 36 Luminite Bars to craft (that's 144 Luminite in total) and 45 Stardust Fragments. As Moon Lord is basically the end of content, the Stardust Armor is suited to late-game PVP content.

This is the ideal endgame Summoner build:

  • Stardust Dragon Staff, Xeno Staff (there are a couple of other options, too)
  • Stardust Armor, Spooky Armor
  • Papyrus Scarab, Necromantic Scroll, Pygmy Necklace

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What is the most powerful summoner weapon in Terraria? ›

Each of the Tavernkeep's sentry summon weapons come in three tiers: Rod, Cane, and Staff; with the Staff being the most expensive and the most powerful.

What is the strongest Summoner staff in Terraria? ›

Terraria: 10 Best Summoner Weapons
  • Queen Spider Staff. One of the few weapons Summoners had before the 1.4 update is the Queen Spider Staff, which summons a Queen Spider sentry and can only be made during hardmode. ...
  • Staff of the Frost Hydra. ...
  • Gelatinous Pillion. ...
  • Snapthorn. ...
  • Spinal Tap. ...
  • Morning Star. ...
  • Dark Harvest. ...
  • Kaleidoscope.
Oct 6, 2021

How do you max out summons in Terraria? ›

The max number of minions that can be summoned can be increased with certain armors and accessories. The max number of minions a player can summon at one time is 11, using Stardust Armor, Necromantic Scroll, Pygmy Necklace, Papyrus Scarab, Summoning Potion and Bewitching Table.

What is the God roll for the Summoner? ›

2) PvP god roll

The best perks for The Summoner in PvP are as follows: Hammer Forged Rifling for increased Range. Ricochet Rounds for additional Range. Rangefinder for more Range and Zoom magnification after aiming the weapon.

Is Summoner DPS or healer? ›

Summoner is a magical ranged DPS class, that utilizes the power and elemental attunement of various primal and demi-primal summons to wreak havoc on their enemies. This job can be played upon reaching Level 30 as an Arcanist, and equipping their job stone.

What is the most op item in Terraria? ›

Terraprisma. You could say that Terraprisma is one of the most powerful weapons in Terraria. The post-hardmode weapon is dropped by the Empress of Light, who you might encounter in the underground jungle. Terraprisma's attack pattern involves an extremely quick thrust, before constantly attacking with a spinning motion ...

Is Terraprisma a summon weapon? ›

The Terraprisma is a Hardmode, post-Plantera summon weapon. It spawns a copy of itself that rapidly attacks nearby enemies. It is a guaranteed drop from the Empress of Light when all damage dealt to the Empress occurs during the day.

What is the easiest Summoner weapon to get in Terraria? ›

The Finch Staff is one of the earliest minion-summoning weapons you can get in the game. Activate it and the Baby Finch rests on your head and flies off to attack enemies. Pretty useful even if you're not playing as a summoner.

Who is the best Summoner? ›

Terraria: 10 Best Summoner Minions
  • Imp. Out of all the pre-hardmode minions, the Imp's single attacks deal the most damage. ...
  • Vampire Frog. ...
  • Flinx. ...
  • Spider. ...
  • Desert Tiger. ...
  • Raven. ...
  • Stardust Cell. ...
  • Sanguine Bat.
Oct 3, 2021

How do you get 600 max HP in Terraria? ›

If the player has used a total of 15 Life Crystals and 20 Life Fruits to upgrade their health capacity to the 500 point maximum, Lifeforce Potion will temporarily boost the player's health capacity by +100, to a total of 600, the highest amount of health one can legitimately reach.

How do you get 500 max HP in Terraria? ›

With 15 Life Crystals and 20 Life Fruits used, a character can reach 20 gold hearts, which equals 500 health capacity. A further temporary boost to 600 health capacity can be achieved using a Lifeforce Potion.

How rare is Abigail's flower? ›

Abigail's Flower can be uncommonly found as a plant growing on grass near a placed Tombstone, regardless of world progression. Its spawn chance is increased in a Constant world.

Is the Summoner corrupt? ›

The Summoner himself is a corrupt and greedy man, so his anger at the Friar is not because he has been slandered, but rather because he is being exposed for the man he is in front of the other pilgrims. In the story, the theme of hypocrisy is apparent with the friar's conduct.

Is the summoner auto rifle good? ›

The Summoner was reintroduced in The Witch Queen expansion, complete with a new suite of perks. This weapon has quickly become one of the strongest Auto Rifles in Destiny 2 thanks to some of this weapon's perk combinations. For PvE, Overflow and Golden Tricorn is nothing short of S-tier.

Is the Summoner good in PvP? ›

The Summoner is an exciting class to play in Final Fantasy 14's range of PvP modes. Using their Summoned Primals and a range of unique offensive spells, this class can provide effective burst damage that can support any good PvP team composition.

What stats are best for Summoner? ›

Summoner Stat Priority
  • Weapon Damage;
  • Intelligence;
  • Critical Hit;
  • Direct Hit;
  • Determination;
  • Spell Speed.

Is Summoner good pre Hardmode? ›


Dedicated summoners are still rather weak at this point, although their summoning items can be used by any class. Spinal Tap, Summoners become much more powerful at this point than in previous versions of the game.

Is Summoner a pet class? ›

So, technically you have a pet and a lot of pet spells, but it's actually not a pet class by gameplay and issues.

What is Max summon level? ›

Unlike leveling Drive Forms, Summon EXP counts for every summon, meaning that you do not have to level them apart. Max Summon Level is 7.

What is Max summon? ›

A Maximum Summon (マキシマム 召 しょう 喚 かん Makishimamu Shōkan) is a form of Special Summon introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS for Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel. Maximum Summoning is the act of Summoning three specific Maximum Monsters simultaneously from the hand in Attack Position in "Maximum Mode" as a single monster.

What is the rarest monster in Terraria? ›

The Slime Staff has the lowest drop chance of any item in the game and is, therefore, the rarest. This uncontested rarity is not without a good reason, though, as Slimes are the most plentiful and common enemies in Terraria.

What is the 2nd best sword in Terraria? ›

The first is Muramasa, which is found after beating Skeletron in Golden Locked chests in the underground dungeon. The second is either the Blood Butcherer or Light's Bane based on your world.

How good is the code 1 Terraria? ›

The Code 1 is the strongest pre-Skeletron yoyo.

Is godly the best Terraria? ›

The best universal modifier is Godly or Demonic. The two modifiers only differ in knockback, a stat that is not considered very useful (or even beneficial) in many situations. The difference in knockback is also negligible enough that Godly and Demonic can be treated as the same modifier.

What is the rarest sword in Terraria? ›

The Arkhalis is also the only pre-Hardmode weapon to be able to achieve the highest rarity in the game, that being Purple.

Does Murasama exist in Terraria? ›

The Muramasa is a blue broadsword that is found in the Dungeon's Locked Gold Chests or in Golden Lock Boxes, both of which are opened via a Golden Key. The Muramasa has a slightly longer reach than the Phaseblade and has a fast attack speed.

Is the Murasama in Terraria a reference? ›

The Murasama is a reference to a weapon of the same name and similar appearance wielded by the character Jetstream Sam from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The fast, blurred cutting animation that the item uses is based on the blurring visuals shown when the player or Sam uses the sword.

What is the best Summoner armor before Moon Lord? ›

Spooky armor is the best option for summoners.

What is the best minion Armour in Terraria? ›

Tiki armor is the most powerful summoner armor set pre-Moon Lord, even in terms of defense, that a player can obtain without a Mythril or Orichalcum anvil. It can be particularly useful while fishing (or AFK farming) due to the increased amount of minions available for easily dispatching enemies.

Is summon necro viable? ›

However, a Summon Necromancer is a class that is viable through the entirety of the game and is arguably the best choice for a first character when Diablo 2: Resurrected launches.

What is the fastest gun in Terraria? ›

The Chain Gun is a Hardmode, post-Plantera Gun, and is currently the fastest gun by rate of fire to date.

What is the strongest knife in Terraria? ›

The Psycho Knife is a Hardmode, post-Plantera melee weapon that has a 1/40 (2.5%) / 79/1600 (4.94%) chance to be dropped by the Psycho during the Solar Eclipse event.

What is the fastest sword in Terraria? ›

The Fetid Baghnakhs are the fastest melee weapon in the game.

Is the Summoner female? ›

The Summoner – Female Sorceress.

Is Summoner the weakest class Terraria? ›

Summoner, in my opinion, is the worst class. He has the lowest defense and has good damage against enemies, but his defense is so low he dies extremely easily. He can't do much against bosses of any kind if he doesn't have endgame gear.

How strong is Summoner? ›

Stat Analysis. The Summoner boasts a high DEX cap of 75 to deal high damage, a decent 60 SPD for mobility, and 385 MP and 75 WIS to bolster the Summoner's ability. While the low 50 ATK is not much of a concern, her survivability is low, having 670 HP, 25 DEF and 40 VIT.

Can you fly infinitely in Terraria? ›

While wings and faster mounts can only be acquired during Hardmode, Rocket Boots and Honeyed Goggles can be used to achieve limited flight early on. The Soaring Insignia accessory can be paired along wings and rocket boots to grant infinite flight time.

What is the fastest block to run on in Terraria? ›

Asphalt Blocks are unique hardmode blocks, craftable after at least one mechanical boss has been defeated, that dramatically increase the speed of players running along them, along with reducing the time it takes to stop running.

What Hammer has 80% power in Terraria? ›


Does Terraria have a speed cap? ›

Horizontal movement speed is capped at 1.6 × base speed, or +60%. Hooks reel in the player at a constant speed regardless of speed boosting accessories. The more movement speed boosts a player has, the less noticeable the speed boost a hook provided is.

What is the max life in Terraria? ›

The maximum life a Player can achieve is 500 with the use of the Life Fruit, but these can only be obtained in Hardmode. This can be increased temporarily to 600 with the Lifeforce Potion.

Does Abigail drain sanity? ›

Summoning Abigail drains Sanity by 50 points. When she "dies", she will drop the flower so Wendy can spawn her again after the cooldown period has expired. Note that one hit from the player will kill her and she can often be targeted unexpectedly by the player during battle.

How do you hide Abigail? ›

Abigail will teleport off screen near Wendy if the player goes too far away from her. If Wendy intentionally attacks Abigail using the CTRL+Click option, Abigail will "die" in one hit and leave her flower on the ground. This can be used as a method to dismiss her at will.

How do you summon Wendy's sister? ›

Abigail's Flower is a character-specific item used by Wendy to summon the Ghost of her twin sister, Abigail, by placing it on the ground and killing any Mob near the flower. Wendy's own death is also enough to summon Abigail.

What is the best Summoner? ›

Terraria: 10 Best Summoner Minions
  • Imp. Out of all the pre-hardmode minions, the Imp's single attacks deal the most damage. ...
  • Vampire Frog. ...
  • Flinx. ...
  • Spider. ...
  • Desert Tiger. ...
  • Raven. ...
  • Stardust Cell. ...
  • Sanguine Bat.
Oct 3, 2021

What weapon should a Summoner use? ›

The Spider Staff is the first summoner weapon you should go for once entering Hardmode. If you've already stumbled across a Spider Cave, head back there and kill some Black Recluse spiders. They're pretty dangerous, but the grind is worth it for this useful summoner weapon.

Which class is better warlord or Summoner? ›

Warlord is good for groups of enemies. Its a 1v10 type of class. Summoner is the highest single target damage in the game right now.

What's the most powerful summon? ›

Black Knife Tiche

The new best Summon in Elden Ring is Black Knife Tiche, a Spirit Ash that can quite literally defeat many bosses by itself. This is thanks to its massive HP pool and high mobility, allowing it to survive even late-game bosses with plenty of health to spare.

Is Terraprisma the best summon? ›

It is the best summon weapon in Terraria in terms of DPS . A disadvantage, however, is its short range. Because the Terraprisma does not move through blocks, while arguably the best/highest damage summon weapon available, some players might opt for minions that ignore blocks altogether, such as Xeno Staff's UFO's.

What is the easiest boss in Terraria? ›

The Destroyer is a colossal mechanized Eater of Worlds with 80,000 / 120,000 / 153,000 health. It is considered the easiest Hardmode boss by many players, despite having the second-highest health.

What is the rarest enemy in Terraria? ›

While the Nymph is one of the rarest enemies in Terraria, in reality, she spawns more frequently than is initially apparent. She is usually missed due to her passive and stationary behavior: she often remains in dark areas, without moving to attack players or making any sounds, unlike what most enemies would do.

What is the hardest NPC to get in Terraria? ›

Moon Lord is the hardest boss undoubtedly within Terraria. This boss is considered as a Hardmode boss that occurs post Lunatic Cultist.

How good is summoner class? ›

The strengths of Summoner include strong damage output, especially in mob situations. They are very useful in Raids, where there are a ton of enemies that can stand close together. They are also great supports, as they can resurrect the healing members of the party if they fall.


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