Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige's Past Relationships (2022)

Paige is pretty young, at the age of 24, although she’s still got plenty of experience on the wrestling circuit, having grown up in a wrestling family. She might have only been wrestling in the U.S. for six years, but she’s already got the hang of how things work at the major promotions and has established herself as one of the best womenon the roster. Paige has also gained quite a reputation during her relatively short time on U.S. shores, and this reputation has just been exacerbated recently due to the whole leaked sex tape scandal. Because of those images, and thosetapes that were hacked from her personal collection and broadcasted all over the world wide web, a lot of new things have come to light, things about who she’s been with in the past, that until now, have only been rumors. We knew a lot about her relationship history before, but recent revelations have meant that I can now add a whole lot more to this listand divulge plenty about Paige’s racy past.

Paige is the hot topic of conversation in wrestling circles at the moment, and there’s now plenty being said about her previous relationships. These are 15 things that perhaps you didn’t know about Paige’s relationship history.


15/15 15. Paige And Xavier Were More Than Just Buddies

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Anyone who follows Paige on social mediaand keeps up to date with what’s going on in her life, will know that she’s pretty good friends with current WWE wrestler, Xavier Woods. Over the years there’ve been numerous moments depicting them getting pally with each other; pictures, appearing in videos together, they just seem really close. But Xavier, who has even called Paige, ‘his girl’, in the past, really was being serious – the two were a lot closer than we thought. The recently leaked sex tape revealed Paige and Xavier were more than just friends, they were, or perhaps still are – nothing would surprise us anymore! – friends with benefits. Paige is currently taking time off recovering from a neck injury, but Xavier was spotted looking incredibly sheepish on Monday Night Raw after the whole scandal…awkward!

14/15 14. People Have Begun To Analyze Moments From Her Past

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige's Past Relationships (2)

Due to these recent revelations that Paige and Xavier were actually cozying up together, it’s caused plenty of people to go through and analyze Paige’s videos with a fine-tooth comb, looking for suggestions that may indicate how long they’ve actually been friends with benefits.

The Twister video for example, where they both played a game of twister together in 2016, is now being viewed a ton of times. Suggestive comments in that video, such as Paige kneeling down in front of Xavier and him saying, “this is familiar,” were passed off as banter at the time, but perhaps there was truth to that comment after all.

They’ve appeared in a Smosh Games video too; during the video, Xavier grabs Paige’s shoulder and Seth Rollins can be seen looking at them shaking his head. Another indication that they were actually sleeping together at that point.

13/15 13. Her Relationship With Brad Maddox

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige's Past Relationships (3)

In the past, before the whole sex tape saga, there’ve been plenty of backstage rumors about Paige and Brad Maddox getting together.

He came to WWE around the same time as Paige, although he didn’t really set the world alight and bounced around quite a bit playing a number of different roles, from referee, to manager and authority figure, and was eventually let go in 2015 after calling the crowd “cocky pricks” – not the worst thing anyone’s ever said but apparently, not allowed in WWE's PG atmosphere. He’s currently doing his thing on the indies, but is still your run-of-the-mill wrestler.

There’ve been a few pics here and there of Paige and Brad, and they were pretty good friends during their time in WWE together. Perhaps someone saw something, perhaps they found out something, but rumors did circulate that there was something going on between the two, and we now know that was the case.

12/15 12. Brad’s Role In The Sex Tape Scandal

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Brad’s gone on record to say that one of his best buddies in wrestling is Xavier. He used to travel with him to shows and whatnot, and has said that he’s hilariously funny and his favorite person backstage. So, perhaps he thought it was a gag that Xavier was playing on him when the notion came up of him videotaping Xavier and Paige getting it on. Well, whoever suggested it was deadly serious, and Brad didn’t seem to mind, whipped out his camera and got filming. Yes, Brad videotaped the whole thing, and as if he didn’t want to be left out – of the film that is, not the action – he videotaped himself videotaping them. Perhaps it was a concerted effort on his part to get people talking about him – his popularity has skyrocketed overnight since the footage was leaked.

The whole incident just indicates that Paige and Brad were more than just friends – you don’t let any old randomer film you getting down and dirty under the sheets.

11/15 11. Dated Bradley Walden

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige's Past Relationships (5)

Okay, so let’s move on from all those revelations that came about because of the sex tape. One relationship that we know she’s been in – they’ve both admitted that it was a real relationship, despite the rumors about it just being fake for the cameras on Total Divas – was with another Brad, Bradley Walden. He’s a singer for the rock band, Emarosa, and their relationship was the subject of plenty of storylines on the reality TV series, Total Divas. They didn’t seem to have a great time of it – there were plenty of ups and downs – they just didn’t seem compatible, and in the end the relationship ran its natural course. Paige called him a “huge baby” due to the way they broke up – he dumped her by text message, which has to be said, regardless of what’s happened, is pretty deplorable.

10/15 10. She’s Been Used By An Ex-Bf

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige's Past Relationships (6)

In 2015, on the Total Divas episode, Indecent Exposure, viewers tuned in to see Paige all teary-eyed and getting comforted by her friends. They had been talking about their past relationships, and it brought up some bad memories for Paige. Paige has never really been in a steady relationship – hopefully for her sake, her relationship with Alberto Del Rio starts a new trend – and perhaps that’s down to an experience she’s had in the past with one of her previous boyfriends. She never divulged the name of that particular bf, but said he screwed her up, used her, mentally abused her, and then discarded her. It evidently still really hurts and she’s said it’s one of the things that stopped her rushing into and getting into serious relationships, until she met Alberto.

9/15 9. Had Many Hook-Ups In England

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige's Past Relationships (7)

Ever since Paige came to U.S. shores and got propelled into the limelight, she’s been perceived as being a bit of a wild child, a girl who like to party and let her hair down backstage. Recent revelations mean we now know that she got up to plenty of more stuff than just letting her hair down! But she’s always been like this, it’s been in her nature, and it wasn’t just the fame and fortune of being a WWE superstar that led to a personality change.

I’m sure many of you know that Paige was brought up in a pretty prominent wrestling family back in the U.K. Back then she was also pretty wild, and got up to plenty of mischief with plenty of people during her teenage years. Being a wrestler must have helped and just served to exacerbate her personality, which has just grown over the years as she went on her way to achieving stardom.

8/15 8. Paige Was Once Pregnant

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige's Past Relationships (8)

This is another shocking revelation that came to light on the reality show, Total Divas, and it just backs up the previous point and goes to show what she got up to back in England. Paige was actually once pregnant when she was still a teenager. She doesn’t reveal who the guy was, but has said that it really was a traumatic experience. All of this happened when she was just 18, so around the time her wrestling career really took off and she moved to the U.S. She was pregnant, but tragically lost her baby. Then, when she moved to The States, she had surgery to remove a cyst, and she was told she may never be able to have children again. All of this was revealed when Rosa Mendes was throwing her baby shower – understandably Paige found it incredibly tough as it brought up a lot of painful memories, and memories of what might have been and what may never be.

7/15 7. Dated Kevin Skaff

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige's Past Relationships (9)

Paige seems to have a thing for musicians and guys in bands. In addition to getting with Bradley Walden, she’s also been in a relationship with Kevin Skaff. After her somewhat tumultuous relationship with Bradley, Kevin came along, the guitarist for the rock band, A Day To Remember, and while the two were dating, they were actually really in love with each other. They met each other's families. Things progressed quickly to the point where they ended up getting engaged, but looking back at how things subsequently panned out, you’d have to say that Paige was in the moment which is why she said yes to the proposal. Wedding plans began being made. They moved in together and things appeared to begoing swell, but...

6/15 6.Their Breakup

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige's Past Relationships (10)

Although everything was going good, Paige and Kevin ended up calling it quits on their - what many people would deem to be a short-term - relationship. It was actually Paige who broke up with Keven, and unlike her previous relationship with Bradley, it wasn’t because of anything he did. She was still very much in love with him and they ended up going their separate ways still on good terms.

So, what was the reason for the break up, and of course, breaking off the engagement? Paige realized that she wasn’t ready to get married and didn’t really want to get into a long-term, serious relationship. At that point in her life, Paige wanted to focus on herself, andher career. It seems odd because they had spoken about getting married, about kids, and then they suddenly split. Paige felt “terrible and really guilty” but has said it was for the best.

5/15 5. Anniversary Break Up

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige's Past Relationships (11)

After everything that happened between Paige and Kevin, the marriage talk, talk of kids, and actually getting engaged, it’s amazing to think that they didn’t even get to celebrate their one year anniversary together! Things happened really fast, which is perhaps why Paige suddenly realized she needed to get out; she didn’t really realize what she wanted, how fast things were progressing, and just got swept up in it all, when all the while deep down she wanted to leave and remove herself from that situation. She eventually came to the realization that being in a relationship wasn’t what she wanted, so she split from Kevin, and did so just before their first anniversary together.

In fact, Paige broke the news to Kevin on the eve of their first anniversary together – must have been like a sucker punch for Kevin who was probably planning to celebrate their first year together in style.

4/15 4. Rumored To Have Dated Corey Graves

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige's Past Relationships (12)

Retired pro wrestler and current color commentator and columnist, Corey Graves, is happily married with three kids, and has been for quite some time too, although we now know – due to recent revelations that came about because of that whole sex tape scandal – that that doesn’t mean diddly squat. Now, I’m not for one moment suggesting that Corey and Paige hooking up certainly happened, just that there were at one point plenty of rumors floating around that they were more than just friends.

These rumors came about when Paige and Corey were doing house shows together. Apparently, they were travel buddies, became quite close, and rumors of them cozying up to each other on the road began to surface. He’s certainly Paige’s type; edgy-looking, lean and muscular and covered in tattoos with lots of piercings – did they or didn’t they? Only they know for sure.

3/15 3. She’s Gone The Other Way

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige's Past Relationships (13)

Paige, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox, the so-called Three Amigas, formed a really tight friendship during their time on Total Divas, and consequently plenty of juicy info’s been divulged. On one occasion in early 2015, it was girls night, and Paige revealed something that must have gotten a lot of people hot under the collar. Rosa asked Paige, “so you have been with a girl then?” To which Paige responds, “well yes, it’s the 21st century.” Rosa – who’s bisexual - got a sparkle in her eye when Paige said that, and certainly from that moment on, begun to see her buddy in a totally different light.

Rosa then went on to say: “My feelings for Paige have totally evolved, now that I know she's been with women, it's worth exploring for sure." She did just that, and later shared a steamy moment, an eye-raising kiss, after which Rosa revealed she thought Paige had been giving her signals that she liked her, but when Paige offered an explanation, unfortunately – I’m sure for all the viewers and for Rosa – it turned out Rosa had gotten mixed signals and the feelings weren’t reciprocated. Awkward!

2/15 2. Used To GetFreaked Out Being In Relationships

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige's Past Relationships (14)

A major reason as to why Paige called it quits with Kevin, is because she wanted to focus on herself, but also because she wasn’t ready to commit to anything serious, and after getting engaged and there being talk of marriage and kids, it’s safe to say that things got serious. But that hasn’t just happened with Kevin. It’s a common occurrence with Paige, which is perhaps why she’s never really been in what many people would consider to be a long-term relationship – she gets freaked out, scared that everything’s getting too serious, and suddenly feels the urge to jump ship and get out of the relationship.

She’s done this time and time again, although at the moment, things look to be going well between her and Alberto – if you discount recent events that is!

1/15 1. Crossover Relationships

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Paige's Past Relationships (15)

Now we know that Paige and Xavier were more than just friends, it’s caused people to try and create a timeline, try and figure out when they began cozying up with one another. It’s actually thought by a lot of people, that Paige was still hooking up with Xavier when she had embarked on a relationship with Alberto Del Rio. They began dating a few months after Paige had split from Kevin, and like her relationship with Kevin, things have moved pretty fast. They’ve been together for less than a year, but have already announced their engagement and they tied the knot this week – Alberto announced they were getting married on March 29th on his Instagram.

You’d have thought that the whole sex tape scandal might have thrown a wrenchin things, but they’ve taken to social media to state that they’re as strong as ever, and are now husband and wife.

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