关于雪花的科普知识英文版(简介关于雪花(useEnglish))-快回答网 (2023)

1.简介关于雪花(use English)

Snowflake is cold as ice yet soft as snow. The gentleness of each unique snowflake brings your heart an indescribable warmth. It smiles at you when you're delighted and provide a touch of comfort when you're down. However, its beauty never last long as it fades just when you reach out to feel it. The calmness can and will>Snowflakes are made up of ice-crystals.(2)Billi of snowflakes fall during one short snowstorm,not=blizzard.(3)Speed of snowfall is 3.1 mph=5 kilometers.(4) Gray snowflakes=coal dust;pink snowflakes=red dust,and extremely clean,pure=the driven snow!!!!!!!(5)Each uniquely different from others=six sides 360/60=60 degrees or5/8? under microscopic or kalidoscopic snow flake pattern of 6 sides.。

关于雪花的科普知识英文版(简介关于雪花(useEnglish))-快回答网 (1)


have memories of childhood is snowy, flying in the air that have the white wizard Ruxu, such as butterflies, like birds, with flowers of hope, deep thinking, and floated wide input into the arms of Mother Earth. 白的树、白的房、白的原野、白茫茫的天地之间顿时成了一座圣洁的殿堂。

white trees, white house, white plains, between the world of white suddenly become a holy temple. 在这银装素裹的世界里,心儿仿佛也被沉淀、净滤,变得纯洁、圣灵、安静,使灵魂升华的像冰雪一样晶亮透明。 In this snow-bound world, the mind seems to have been precipitated children, the net filter, becomes pure, the Holy Spirit, quiet, so that sublimation of the soul as bright as snow and ice clear. 大地恬然入睡,万物陷于黙想。

Earth Tianran sleep, things like trapped in Summerside. 谁也不忍打扰这个令人无限遐想的童话世界。 Who also could not bear to disturb the reverie of the fairy tale world is unlimited. 大人们可以安然的躲在家里,用雪的纯洁追忆着似水年华和对来年的希冀与祝福,侃着天、喝着茶,享受着空气里亲情流动的温馨与快乐。

The people can hide Enron's home, the purity of snow Remembrance of Things Past, and the hopes and wishes for the coming year, McCain a day, drinking tea, enjoying the warm air flow and happy family. 雪停的时候,可以跑出去堆雪人、打雪仗,给胖胖的雪娃娃带上红色的帽子、红色的围巾。 when the snow had stopped, you can run out making snowmen, snowball fights, snow doll to put on fat red hat, red scarf. 在雪地里你追我赶、摔跤、打滚、尽情嬉戏。

Surpassed each other in the snow, wrestling, roll, enjoy playing. 耳畔响着脚踩在雪上面的声音,嘎吱、嘎吱的,像一曲随意的调子,但却感觉别有一番韵律。 Ears ringing foot on the snow above the sound, crunch, crunch, like a casual tone, but do not have a sense of rhythm. 雪朵擦亮了这个世界,我们总能在雪后看到一方碧蓝的天空下,那树、那房、那人、那原野,如一幅意境灵动、简约的画卷尘封在记忆深处。

Snow flower polished this world, we always see in the snow after the party under the blue sky, that tree, that room, that person, that fields, such as a mood Smart, simple picture of gathering dust in the memories. 那份当时的喜悦与陶醉至今仍在心里萦绕。 Share of joy and intoxication at the time still linger heart. 就在我怀念童年的冬雪而为这个冬天将会无雪,感到尴尬和失落时,天空中飘起了雪花,落下来的雪飘到地上湿漉漉的,虽然后来有了薄薄的一层,但却根本没有办法堆雪人、打雪仗。

miss my childhood in winter snow and no snow for this winter will feel embarrassed and lost, the sky washed up the snow, falling to the Xuepiao to the ground wet, although there was a thin layer, but no way to make a snowman, snowball fights. 人们走在路上,一脚踏出泥底,鞋子弄的脏兮兮的,身旁车来车往碾起的雪水,一不小心会落在衣服上,泥迹斑斑。 People walking on the road, kick the mud step, shoes get dirty, and side car to drive to grind from the snow, believe it will fall clothes, track mud stains. 路人一副眉头紧促的样子,心情亦有些沮丧,全然没有当年雪中漫中的感觉。

Passers-by a brow pressed look, feel and some frustration, not completely diffuse in the sense of snow that year. 真的哀叹现在很少有一场能让人享受的淋漓尽致的雪了。 Really bemoan people now can enjoy a few of the most vividly the snow. 雪越来越稀罕了,大雪变小雪,多雪变少雪,根据科学家分析:少雪或者无雪是气候变暖的原因,气候变暖是因为“温室效应”,而“温室效应”是因工业化带来的大气污染。

snow more and more rare, and snow changing to light snow, snowy fewer snow, according to scientists Analysis: less snow or no snow because of global warming, climate warming because of the "greenhouse effect" and "greenhouse effect" is the air pollution caused by industrialization. 但是我们现在失去的已不仅仅是雪,而是人们赖以生存的自然环境,而我所企盼的,也不仅仅是雪,而是人类环境意识的觉醒。 But we have lost not only snow, but people rely on the natural environment, and I look forward to, and not just snow, but the human environment consciousness. 北方无雪的冬天是不完整的,人生的境遇亦是如此,不经历悲欢离合、风霜雨雪,如何能品得其中的滋味。

northern winter without snow is not complete, the situation of life is also true, does not experience sorrow and joy, wind, frost, rain and snow, how can one get the taste of products. 记得曾经有人说过,虽然不管是荡气回肠的爱情史诗,还是气吞山河的丰功伟绩,终究会像落雪般消逝,但留给人们的无疑是一笔宝贵的财富。 Remember someone had said, although whether it is soul-stirring epic of love, or the Majestic's great achievements, in the end will be 。

关于雪花的科普知识英文版(简介关于雪花(useEnglish))-快回答网 (2)


THE SNOWI did believe the snow was not a scene but a great wonder. It brought me much more than it had.What a big snow I have never seen! What a beautiful snow I have never enjoy.When I went out for school from home, I was doomed to get a wonder. Everything seemed unlucky to me. I left the umbrella at home; I couldn't unlock my bike and a big truck held up the traffic, which took me above 5 minutes to pass the road. At last I met Charlie and we were both late for the maths class. If it happened the day before, we would go to our seats without saying anything. But today we were forced to stand outside in the cold wind because of the head teacher's bad mood. I didn't want to say anything. It was useless. So I began to stand with Charlie.After a short while, we both felt so cold that we couldn't speak a word. The world seemed very quiet. I suddenly found there was a lot of thin ice dropping from the sky. “Ice!” I shouted to Charlie who soon became excited the same as me. We expected for the snow but nothing happened.After class, the head teacher didn't seem to let us in. We had to stand outside for at least one more class. When the bell rang he went to teach in Class 19.If you asked me whether I had seen a big snow before that day, I would tell you I couldn't remember. But during that period I got the answer.The ice turned white and turned to snow quietly. We were immersed in it without any word. From little to big, the snow changed out of my imagination. With the wind blowing heavily, the snow beat on my face, hair and covered all over my body. We couldn't help shaking in the snow. We opened our mouths to taste the icy snow, stood still in the snow, and enjoyed the wonderful scene ourselves.I did believe the snow was not only a scene but a great wonder as well. It bought me much more than it had.It was too great and too beautiful that I couldn't imagine. How fantastic it was! With the snow dropping on my body, I didn't want to move though it was so cold.If you lived in the north, you might think it was nothing. But the following thing was more unreal. A bird, a beautiful parrot, like an angel, flew from the sky onto Charlie's shoulder and then flew to my shoulder. I didn't know how to express my feelings, only enjoying it. The parrot didn't seem to leave. How fantastic, I thought.The snow became smaller and smaller after class. Maybe we lost something, but we got something, too. I didn't know what it meant. I only wished to believe it would bring me good luck.I would never forget that day.。



At dusk,the weather became colder while the sky was gray,and the cold wind was blowing strongly.It seemed that it was going to snow soon.

A moment later,the snowflakes began to fall quietly.Soon the land before my eyes was all white,like a beautiful blanket.Then it snowed more and more heavily.The trees were all covered with white quilts.The whole city became a silver world.

The next morning,it stopped snowing and cleared up.I went into the yard.Looking far away,I saw a beautiful silver white world.A group of children were playing happily.Some were throwing snowballs to each other,others were making a snowman.Snow seemed to bring us warm and wishes.Cold as it was,nobaby felt cold in the white world.

I love snow,because it is pure white.It brings us hope and vigour.






In the winter season, and it also known as snow season. During the snowing, you might not like the weather but after snow. You are more likely love the scene because the snow created the beautiful images and pictures. It helps created the house with extra level of beauty, especially the roof, and same with the trees. The snow not just created the beautiful images and pictures, it also created th entertainment for the families and kids. So the families can gather together and play snowball and create snowman. I think the snow season is one of most beautiful seasons within the year, even though it might be cooler than any other seasons, but its worthy to go out after snow and have some fun with family and friends.。

关于雪花的科普知识英文版(简介关于雪花(useEnglish))-快回答网 (3)

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