Which part of algarve is the best? (2023)

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Vilamoura is the best place to stay in Algarve if you're looking for an upscale, glittery beach holiday that puts the focus on golf courses, luxury resorts and walks along the marina. Vilamoura is the crown of Algarve's Golden Triangle due to its collection of luxury accommodations.

What is the nicest part of the Algarve?

14 Top-Rated Attractions & Places to Visit in the Algarve

  • Vilamoura. Vilamoura. ...
  • Albufeira. Albufeira. ...
  • Silves. Silves. ...
  • Portimão. Portimão promenade. ...
  • Serra de Monchique. Serra de Monchique. ...
  • Lagos. Lagos. ...
  • Sagres. Cabo de São Vicente lighthouse, Sagres. ...
  • The West Coast. Praia da Bordeira.

What is the prettiest town in the Algarve?

Tavira. Regularly described as the prettiest town in the Algarve, if you're going to pick just one place to check out during your trip, Tavira is it. All white walls and red terracotta roofs, cobblestones small fishing boats, Tavira is the kind of traditional Portuguese town that tourist brochures are made of.

Which is better Lagos or Albufeira?

Albufeira is very touristy with lots of Brits and a vibrant nightlife in the summer. Lagos is prettier, quieter, with more culture, and a more local feel. Both towns have a marina and nice beaches, though in Lagos they are located outside the town.

Which is better Lagos or Alvor?

Alvor is more walkable than Lagos if that's a factor, being rather smaller. At Lagos many of the resort areas are 2 miles or more out of town, set around little beaches which are sometimes down quite long flights of steps. The whole areas is quite hilly. At Alvor the beach is one long stretch of sand with flat access.

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What is the nicest part of Portugal?

17 most beautiful places in Portugal you have to visit

  • Lisbon. The capital of Lisbon rightly tops just about every traveller's Portugal bucket list. ...
  • Sintra – one of the prettiest places in Portugal. ...
  • The Algarve. ...
  • Estoi. ...
  • Obidos. ...
  • The Douro Valley. ...
  • Porto – one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal. ...
  • Cascais.

Where is the best place to live in the Algarve?

Living in Algarve: best cities to live

  • Faro. As the capital of the Algarve, Faro is an extremely popular place to live. ...
  • Portimão. Portimão is another interesting choice for expats. ...
  • Lagos. Considered as one of the best towns in Algarve, Lagos stands out from the herd. ...
  • Tavira.

Is Lagos cheaper than Albufeira?

When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between Lagos and Albufeira, we can see that Albufeira is more expensive. And not only is Lagos much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination.

Is Lagos Portugal worth visiting?

Lagos has responsibly developed into a tourist destination, by maintaining its historic centre and rich heritage, while losing none of its traditional charm. Lagos is ideally positioned as a base from which to explore the western Algarve, and the size of the city means that there are excellent tourist facilities.

Is Albufeira worth visiting?

Albufeira is an outstanding holiday destination, as it offers so much more than just gorgeous beaches and great weather. Within the charming and historic streets of the “Old Town” are over one hundred different restaurants and bars, and a nightlife scene that is social and welcoming.

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Which is better Lagos or Tavira?

Lagos has a great selection of beaches and places to eat catering to all budgets. Tavira is charming but is set on the river, not the sea - a car is best to get to the beaches. If you do not want to hire a car, look at Cabanas or Pedras de el Rei where there is a small train out to the spit that forms the beach.

Is Vilamoura nicer than Albufeira?

Albufeira vs Vilamoura: Vilamoura for a quiet atmosphere

Albufeira does have quieter spots, especially in the off-season with fewer tourists, but overall, Vilamoura is the best for a calmer Algarve experience.

What is Tavira in Portugal like?

Tavira lies along the slow flowing Gilão River, and is a delightful mix of traditional Portuguese heritage with deep-rooted Moorish influences. ... As a holiday destination, Tavira is the perfect combination of beaches and culture, while still offering modern hotels, contemporary cuisines and glorious weather.

Where should couples stay in Algarve?

Here are some examples of the best areas in Algarve for couples to visit and what each of the areas offer:

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  • Party Scene: Albufeira, Armacao de Pera, Lagos, Praia da Rocha.
  • Quiet and Relaxing: West Coast and Monchique.
  • City Break: Faro.
  • Bars and Pubs: Alvor and Carvoeiro.

Which part of Portugal is best for holiday?

Here are the top seven most popular holiday regions in Portugal you must visit:

  • The Algarve.
  • Alentejo.
  • Central Portugal.
  • Lisbon region.
  • The Douro region.
  • The Azores.
  • Madeira.

Where can I base myself in the Algarve?

You can choose to stay in the larger, more well known cities of Lagos and Faro with their buzzing restaurants, beaches and bars. If you prefer smaller, more traditional towns as the the best place to stay in the Algarve, you can base yourself in a town such as Alvor or Sagres.

Is Lagos Portugal safe for tourists?

Lagos is more relaxed than other larger resorts, such as Albufeira or Praia da Rocha, and is very safe and tends to be less hectic during the evening. The beaches of Lagos are clean and safe, and during the summer, are supervised by lifeguards.

Is Lagos Portugal a party town?

Lagos is a resort town situated on the Western Algarve. ... Lagos is one of the best party destinations in Portugal because it offers something for everyone from live music to karaoke and most establishments are open till 4am.

What is Lagos Portugal known for?

Lagos is one of the most visited cities in the Algarve and Portugal, due to its variety of tourist-friendly beaches, rock formations (Ponta da Piedade), bars, restaurants and hotels, renowned for its vibrant summer nightlife and parties.

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Is Lagos Portugal expensive?

You should plan to spend around €94 ($110) per day on your vacation in Lagos, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. ... Also, the average hotel price in Lagos for a couple is €98 ($114). So, a trip to Lagos for two people for one week costs on average €1,322 ($1,540).

Is Algarve Portugal expensive?

Although the Algarve is more expensive than other rural parts of Portugal, it's more affordable than big cities like Lisbon and Porto.

Is Lagos nightlife good?

The Lagos nightlife scene is truly one for the ages as the coastal town has a distinct charm and it's easy to immerse yourself in the relaxed pace. But look further and you'll discover there's more to it, with lots of venues hosting wild parties for all crowds.

Where do the rich live in Algarve?

The most expensive properties and plots of land in the Algarve are located in the premium "Golden Triangle" area, where the spas of Vale do Lobo, Quinta do Lago, Vilamoura and Pine Cliffs are located.

Where do most expats live in Portugal?

Home to approximately 87 different nationalities, Lisbon is the most popular place for expats to live in Portugal. The diversity of the city makes it a very dynamic and exciting place to live. You can also escape from the city and enjoy some of the Portuguese beaches that are in close proximity to the city.

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Is Algarve a good place to retire?

You may know the Algarve as a great holiday destination, but Portugal's southern region is also a great place to retire. Easy to get to and easy to get around, the Algarve offers an excellent quality of life for retirees no matter what the budget.


Which part of the Algarve has the best beaches? ›

The best beaches in Algarve are between the cities of Albufeira and Lagos. In this part of the Algarvian Coast, you find beaches with crystalline blue water surrounded by yellow-orangish limestone cliffs dotted with caves and grottoes for which the Algarve is famous.

Where should I stay in Algarve for the first time? ›

The best areas to stay in Algarve for first-timer are the beautiful towns of Faro, Albufeira, Portimão and Praia da Rocha, Lagos, Lagoa, Olhao, Aljezur, Silves, Alcoutim, Loule, Tavira, Carvoeiro, Sagres, Quarteira, and Vilamoura.

Is East or West Algarve better? ›

Portugal's beach-filled southern coastline has long been considered the country's summer playground. And while the west side has enjoyed the lion's share of the tourist trade since the 1970s, the east side, stretching from the central city of Faro to the Spanish border, is far more relaxing and infinitely more cool.

What is the posh part of the Algarve? ›

The priciest in the Algarve is Loulé (€3,026/sqm), followed by Lagos (€2,699), Lagoa (€2,672), Albufeira (€2,438), Tavira (€2,199), Portimão (€2,108), Silves (€2,039), VRSA and Faro (€2,029), and Olhão (€2,004).

What city should I stay in the Algarve? ›

Faro – Best Place to Stay in Algarve for City Life

It's not as big as Lisbon, Porto or Sintra, the main cities in Portugal, but it's characterised by a strong city vibe. That's not to say it doesn't offer easy access to gorgeous beaches and natural attractions.

What is the prettiest beach town in the Algarve? ›

Sagres itself is one of the prettiest seaside towns in the Algarve, with a small marina and port famed for its lobster fishing – though it makes a perfect base for surfers who come to ride the Algarve's gnarliest waves.

What is the nicest beach in the Algarve? ›

The best beaches in The Algarve
  • Carvoeiro Beach. ...
  • Estudantes Beach, one of the best beaches in Portugal. ...
  • Monte Clerigo Beach. ...
  • Bordeira Beach, one of the best beaches in Portugal. ...
  • Falesia Beach. ...
  • Barril Beach. ...
  • Ponta da Piedade. ...
  • Algar de Benagil. View of the Algar de Benagil cave from its skylight.
Jul 29, 2021

What is the most scenic beach in the Algarve? ›

Praia do Camilo is widely known as one of the most gorgeous beaches in the Algarve. It has the characteristic high cliffs of many beaches in the region, as well as clear green waters and views of Lagos and the Ponta da Piedade rock formations.

How many days in Algarve is enough? ›

A full week on the Algarve gives you plenty of time to split between activities and relaxing on the beach. If you're looking for a more relaxing beach holiday, 7 days on the Algarve is a good choice.

Is it better to stay in Faro or Lagos? ›

Lagos provides a better beach experience than Faro. Lagos offers stunning beaches that attract visitors from around the world. The beaches are long, flat and sandy with beautifully dramatic rock formations. The largest beach in the area is Meia Praia and arguably one of the best beaches is Praia Dona Ana.

Do I need a car in the Algarve? ›

The easiest way to get around in the Algarve is by car. This is because public transport between cities can be complicated. Moreover, some of the most beautiful beaches are only accessible by car. If you don't have access to a car, we recommend that you rent one.

What is the prettiest city in Portugal? ›

What are the most beautiful cities in Portugal?
  • Lisbon. Lisbon is a city full of charm, culture and history, located on the banks of the Tagus River. ...
  • Porto. Portugal's second-largest city, Porto is a top destination for lovers of wine, good food and beautiful architecture. ...
  • Sintra. ...
  • Cascais. ...
  • Braga. ...
  • Faro. ...
  • Coimbra. ...
  • Obidos.
Sep 21, 2022

What is the difference between Faro and Algarve? ›

Faro is the capital of the Algarve, with a long history. It has Roman and Arab ruins, but most of the town was built after the earthquake of 1755. The city has more than 50.000 inhabitants and is the biggest city in the Algarve. Faro serves as the administrative centre of the Algarve.

Is Albufeira nicer than Faro? ›

Albufeira is considered to be a more popular beach destination than Faro. The beaches in Albufeira are among the best in the world. With their golden sands and blue waters, the beaches are world class. The area also has a diversity of beaches that are perfect for all types of vacationers.

Where do the rich live in Algarve? ›

Where the rich live in Sintra, Cascais, and Estoril. The Portuguese Riviera has been known for being home to wealthy families for many years. Once a small fishing community, Cascais has become a cosmopolitan retreat for the wealthy in the past century.

Where do the rich stay in the Algarve? ›

The most expensive properties and plots of land in the Algarve are located in the premium "Golden Triangle" area, where the spas of Vale do Lobo, Quinta do Lago, Vilamoura and Pine Cliffs are located.

What celebrities live in the Algarve? ›


Many celebrities own homes in this region, including Boyzone front man Ronan Keating, television presenter Carol Smillie, celebrity gardener Charlie Dimmock and Total Eclipse of the Heart singer Bonnie Tyler.

What is the nicest town in Portugal? ›

The 10 prettiest towns in Portugal
  1. Carvalhal. This little village sits among the pine forests, rice fields and dunes near Comporta with a wonderful white-sand beach that is the perfect setting for a gallop as the sun sets. ...
  2. Lindoso. ...
  3. Marvão. ...
  4. Cacela Velha. ...
  5. Belmonte. ...
  6. Amarante. ...
  7. Monsanto. ...
  8. Sortelha.
Apr 9, 2022

Is Algarve walkable? ›

The Algarve is the perfect region for great walks because of its fantastic scenery, unspoilt nature and the absence of big cities that can make it difficult to find natural green spaces.

What is the main town in the Algarve? ›

Faro is the capital and biggest city of the Algarve, with a population of about 118.000 people. For most people it is the gateway to the Algarve, since Faro Airport is the only airport of the Algarve. You can find a lot of Portuguese culture and history in the town.

Can you swim in the sea in the Algarve? ›

If you are looking for a beach holiday, then the Algarve is the perfection destination. You can swim in the ocean comfortably from March until October. And in the winter months, you can take long refreshing beach walks.

Where do the rich live in Portugal? ›

This is where, in the most exclusive regions of Portugal. Where do the rich live in Portugal? Where do the rich live in Portugal? Lisbon, Oeiras, Cascais, Sintra, Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia are the municipalities with the highest concentration of population with the highest income in the country.

Why is the Algarve so popular? ›

Anchoring the south of Portugal, the Algarve is famous for its cliff-backed beaches, mouthwatering seafood and picturesque villages. It's also a remarkably easy-going region, with a welcoming vibe for every kind of traveler.

Which beach has the clearest water in Algarve? ›

Praia do Vale de Centeanes is where you'll want to go to see some of the clearest water in the Algarve. On a clear day, it's easy to see the bottom of the ocean without even setting foot in the water. This beach is located near Carvoeiro, so it won't be hard to travel from here to Praia da Marinha or Praia de Benagil.

What is the number 1 beach in Portugal? ›

1. Praia de Tavira, Algarve - best beaches Portugal. a sandbar island which runs from Tavira towards Fuseta and is reached by a ferry from the mainland.

Which beach is warmest in Algarve? ›

Praia da Manta Rota, Algarve.

Where is the clearest water in Portugal? ›

Praia dos Coelhos, Sétubal

The setting for innumerable films and advertising campaigns, this idyllic, secluded beach on the Arrábida coastline boasts some of the clearest waters you'll likely ever swim in.

Is Algarve very touristy? ›

It can still be quite touristy in this region but if you go in mid or low season these places are absolutely perfect for a beach holiday, hiking and exploring. With many cute restaurants, a beautiful coastline and beautiful traditional Portuguese beach towns, the central Algarve can be the perfect area for you to stay.

What is the best month to visit Algarve? ›

If you're a sunseeker the best time to visit Algarve is between June and August. The hottest month of the year is July with an average daily maximum of 30 C and an average low of 22 C. The coolest month of the year is February with an average daily maximum of 16 C and an average low of 10 C.

Is North or South Portugal better? ›

Winter: If you don't like the heat, the North is your number one choice. The climate is Atlantic, which means the sea moderates the presence of the heat so it'll never be too hot. And so, you can enjoy and visit monumental cities as Viseu, Aveiro and Porto without a drop of sweat. Summer: So, you're a Summer lover…

Is the drive from Lisbon to Algarve scenic? ›

The drive between Lisbon and Algarve is a pleasant one, with uncomplicated directions. Once you are outside of Lisbon, cross over the impressive Vasco de Gama Bridge and continue on the A12 for 6 miles (10 km). Then you'll get on the A2 Highway for 160 miles (257 km) before arriving into the Algarve.

Which is better Lagos or Albufeira? ›

At this time of year, Albufeira Old Town and Lagos are very similar, and you will have an enjoyable holiday at either. Albufeira Old Town may be the slightly better choice, with its larger selection of activities, restaurants and nightlife.

Is Lagos or Albufeira nicer? ›

Is Lagos or Albufeira Better for Families? Families may find more to do in Lagos than Albufeira. With a huge array of activities for kids, Lagos is very family-friendly. You can spend days hanging out on the beautiful beaches, but there are so many other activities that the whole family will enjoy.

Is Faro a walkable city? ›

BY FOOT- Faro is a quaint city that is easy to get around on foot. In fact, this is my top recommendations for those visiting. There are so many side streets and cobblestone alleyways you don't want to miss! Walking all over will ultimately lead you to the best backstreet spots.

Is a US driver's license valid in Portugal? ›

U.S. Citizens are entitled to drive in Portugal with their U.S. issued driver's license for a period no to exceed 185 days, provided they are not legal residents.

Do they speak English in the Algarve? ›

English is widely spoken in Portugal, especially in the larger cities and in the Algarve. Plenty of foreigners live comfortably and reasonably efficiently speaking only in English. (In fact, it can be difficult to find a Portuguese who will speak to you in Portuguese.)

Can I rent a car in Portugal with a US driver's license? ›

Renting a car in Portugal with a US license

Portuguese law accepts American Driver's licenses for rentals of 6 months or less. There's no need to apply for an international driving permit.

Is Portugal nicer than Spain? ›

Affordable living, residency, easy access to social activities, and a pleasant year-round climate make Portugal preferable to Spain. However, each person has their own experience and perspective on the two countries. It is impossible to say that one is better than the other, prettier, or richer in culture.

Is Lisbon or Faro better? ›

In either Lisbon or Faro, you'll find plenty of activities to fill your time. Most visitors tend to spend more time in Lisbon than Faro because of the overall number of sights and activities. The ideal length of time for a trip to Lisbon is 3-7 days, and the ideal length of time for a trip to Faro is 2-5 days.

What is the nicest beach in Portugal? ›

19 of the best beaches in Portugal
  • Mauricio Abreu / Alamy Stock Photo. Praia do Portinho da Arrábida. Setubal, near Lisbon. ...
  • Stuart Black / Alamy Stock Photo. Costa da Caparica. South of Lisbon. ...
  • Getty Images. Praia de Moledo, Moledo. The far north. ...
  • Getty Images. Praia de São Jacinto, Aveiro. South of Porto.
May 19, 2022

Is Algarve better than Madeira? ›

So if you are looking for a quiet place with relatively fewer tourist activities, then Madeira would be your best option. On the other hand, if you are looking to reside in a larger inland city that is bustling with life, the Algarve might be ideal for you.

Which is the quietest part of the Algarve? ›

Quiet towns in the Algarve
  • Salema - A tranquil beach town.
  • Burgau - Cuteness on a beautiful bay.
  • Cabanas de Tavira - A tiny town with large beaches.
  • Monchique - Peace and serenity in the (undiscovered) mountains.
  • Alte - A real traditional Algarvian town 6. Monte Clerigo - Tranquility on the wild western Algarve coastline.
Jan 17, 2023

Is Faro very touristy? ›

Is Faro, Portugal; touristy? Despite being the region's capital, most tourists decide to travel to other beach towns in Algarve. Such as Lagos or Albufeira. So although Faro is home to an international airport, it is not as touristy as other parts of the region.

What is the difference between Albufeira and Algarve? ›

The algarve is a region in Portugal, albufeira is an area is within the region.

Why is Faro famous? ›

Faro is the best-known city in Portugal's deservedly famous Algarve region. There's an archaeological museum and a “Bishops' Palace,” a Renaissance cathedral that was heavily bombed during World War II, but later rebuilt.

How many days in Faro is enough? ›

A stay of three nights allows Faro and the surrounding region to be fully discovered. This length provides you time to explore historic centre, tour the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, relax on the Praia de Faro or Ilha Deserta beaches, and have a day trip to Estoi or the Ilha da Culatra.

Is Faro or Lagos better? ›

Lagos provides a better beach experience than Faro. Lagos offers stunning beaches that attract visitors from around the world. The beaches are long, flat and sandy with beautifully dramatic rock formations. The largest beach in the area is Meia Praia and arguably one of the best beaches is Praia Dona Ana.

What part of Portugal is the nicest? ›

The Algarve is arguably the best part of Portugal to visit. The region has hundreds of beaches, beautiful hotels, and arguably the most delicious cuisine in the country.

What is negative about living in Portugal? ›

Low wages in Portugal

A major downside to living in Portugal is finding a well-paying job. Whether you are making minimum wage or the average salary, do not expect to make a lot of money. In 2022, the national minimum salary in Portugal is €705 a month before tax.

Where do celebrities live in Portugal? ›

In the Algarve, it is the Portimão and Albufeira areas that are most popular among celebrities who bought or rent homes in Portugal. These coastal areas are close to some of the best casinos, shops and restaurants.

Where do most expats live in Portugal? ›

Far and away the most popular destination for expatriates are Portugal's cities. The capital, Lisbon (population 500,000) and Porto (population 215,000) attract people from around the world with their historic buildings, laid-back ways of life and buzzing culture.

What is the cutest village in Algarve? ›

Tavira. The prettiest of all, Tavira is among the best places to go in the Algarve and one of the best small towns in Portugal. This seaside gateway has taken the modern tourist in its stride while maintaining its old charm. Enveloped by Praia do Barril and Praia da Ilha de Tavira, the town flexes its coastal beauty.

Is Faro or Albufeira better? ›

Albufeira is considered to be a more popular beach destination than Faro. The beaches in Albufeira are among the best in the world. With their golden sands and blue waters, the beaches are world class. The area also has a diversity of beaches that are perfect for all types of vacationers.

What is the cleanest town in Portugal? ›

The cities with the best air quality in Europe in 2020 and 2021 were Faro and Funchal in Portugal and Umeå, in Sweden.


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